Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I was sitting here today sorting crab apple seeds when the phone rang. Sorting seeds out of native crabs is a sticky mess so I decided to let the answering machine pick it up and call back later if it was important.
It was Gramma. She was just calling to tell me she loved me, was thinking about me and that she would call back later…..to her grandson Joe.
That was all fine but I was not Joe and my both my Grammas have been dead over 20 years.
No matter:) Since it was nice hearing that kind of love still exists in this world.

It got me thinking though as I always do. My voice is on that machine and is rather distinct for those of You have heard me…..so I wondered how close Gramma ever listened to her Joe.
For that matter, I have gotten  a call left for Delores…..and I do not think I ever sounded like a Delores lol

All of us “hear” things in this life that we want to hear and tune into in hope. It is a lot that way with when God speaks to each of us. Jesus stated, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and I give unto them eternal life.” John 10:27

God is always making calls to every person alive. It makes no difference whether they believe in Him or not. He is there in their hearts just like Yours, but for those who deny God out of fear or selfishness, He is still there. A constant reminder which they have to fight continually to suppress.
David in  the Psalms twice speaks of the physical signs of God for all to see as proof of who He is. In Psalm 19:1, it is written, “The heavens declare the glory of God and the placement of all the bodies shows God’s intricate craftsmanship.”
In Psalm 97:6, The Spirit in David again explains, “The heavens declare God’s right Way of doing things in laws and orderly progression to bring peace and the people who behold the skies and all in them see his honor and glory.”
The night skies and all of their beautiful order are there to show God’s presence. Orion, the Seven Sisters, the Big Dipper…or even the moon are no more an accident in being there than each of us is here. In fact, God never states once that He counts the number of diamonds on the earth…..but He counts and knows exactly the number of hairs on Your head.  Luke 12:7.
If You read that verse, You will even see that not one sparrow is lost before God without His knowing….and if He pays attention to sparrows….how much more is He going to care continually for each of us? He is our Parent.

Calling though is a two way conversation. Just like we enjoy getting phone calls from friends and family…..God loves to hear from us often and loves to be told we love Him.
We have a special honor in talking with God, because He never makes a wrong number to any of us and when we call, He is always there instantly….no wrong numbers….no busy signals.
There is but One God, but our One God is so all encompassing that it is as if each of us when we pray, that we are the only human in the universe He is listening to.
Call God. He is on the line calling You. Amen

God watch, provide and care for each of You.