Monday, January 21, 2013


I never watched the Obama Bible swearing election theft inauguration as I did not want to vomit as the thought nauseates me in watching America finished as a nation.
Mom though had on the broadcast news to torture me and something bizarre caught my attention in there was nothing but black folks there.

Granted they all had the holiday off we are all paying for costing billions, but seeing all those people there in an Obama Super Depression just is puzzling as where in the hell did they get all that money as that is like a 1000 dollar trip and it is cold as hell there so travel was not easy.......they certainly could not have driven a million more cars there as traffic jams would have shut it all down.

So I started wondering about this fraudulent show, which  said fewer people showed up for Obama houses this time and turkeys and found the headlines:

Sold out: N.J. group bound for Obama inauguration has no bus ...
1 day ago – The sold-out bus departs Newark from Lincoln Park Monday at 6 a.m.. ... said Lawrence Hamm, state chairman for the People's Organization for Progress. ... Obama's historic inauguration, Hamm's group chartered 11 buses to ...

Memphis OBAMA INAUGURATION Bus Trip | Facebook
Jan 19 - Jan 22 - Inauguration 2013
Sign UpConnect and share with the people in your life. Memphis OBAMA INAUGURATION Bus Trip. Export · Report · Memphis OBAMA INAUGURATION Bus ...

Community organizers who taught Obama the ropes get an ... › NewsChicagoland
1 day ago – Related; Obama inauguration excitement underway · Obama ... friends and donors, and average people who put up with an overnight bus ride.

Last-minute options for inauguration travel - Sun-Sentinel › Business
3 days ago – For the 2009 presidential inauguration, Mitchell arranged a similar bus trip with about 54 people who wanted to see Obama sworn in as the first ...

Kelly: For teen, a bus ride to history at Obama inauguration - Omaha ...
2 days ago – As with four years ago, the people on the bus come from an array of ... D.C., for the inauguration Monday of President Barack Obama

Hundreds from N.C. to attend Obama inauguration ::
1 day ago – Hundreds from N.C. to attend Obama inauguration ... The 30 buses are expected to carry about 1,700 people.
That is just a sample......30 buses contracted for?

I never heard of the GOP ever doing that for Reagan or Bush.

How about this:

President Obama's inauguration still a draw second time around › NewsLocalGovernment and Politics
2 days ago – Hubbard chartered three buses for people who want to see the president's second inaugural on Monday, and every seat is reserved.

Apparently Obama's folks chartered every fricking bus in America, and I will guess gave away tickets and probably some damn travel stipend we tax payers are paying for to feed this mob, and I'm betting that is how Obama filled Washington with all those blacks as they called SOOEY and the hogs came a runnin'.

Obama desperately wanted the illusion along with the liberal media that he was popular, TO MATCH HIS ELECTION THEFT in flipping votes. That is what was behind all of this and no one but this blog in another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive has exposed this.

I listened to that crowd and they were bored. I listened to those stupid Afroids in interviews and it was like, "Yeah Obama is uniting all us......blacks........and uh whites."......."Yeah, I ah.....never thought I would see this".
Those people had no enthusiasm in the least. This inauguration theft was smoke and mirrors in a hog call, and that mob was shipped in pokers meant to fill the seats to reinforce that this mysterious mob actually voted for Obama in mass, instead of his proven election theft in 2013.

This apparent hog call was nationwide in urban centers in community organized goons all getting the call. I repeat Obama loaded buses with blacks to give the illusion on camera that masses of people really did vote for him in November, so no one would question why only more press showed up on January 21 than people.

More proof of the Obama election theft. Obama faked the crowds by a coordinated effort to ship people in by bus.

This is BUSGATE and dimes to dollars, that money was filtered through those Obama green grants to all those bankrupt corporations that made millionaires of Obama cronies before the money was dumped back to remember how that Obama donation scheme was running in cuts to certain states.

This is BUSGATE another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

Tulsans travel to D.C. for inauguration | Tulsa World
10 hours ago – She's going to be one of the 500,000 to 800,000 people expected to fill the ... the bus trip as she did in 2009 for the first Obama inauguration.

They already had the numbers contracted for in what the regime was planning for this show.


Obama Inauguration Sponsors Spent Millions Influencing Government
6 hours ago – At Obama's Second Inauguration, How Emancipated Are We Really? ... Chief among corporate inaugural donors: AT&T Inc., Microsoft Corp., energy giant Southern Co., .... By Will Potter, Green Is the New Red | News Analysis ...

Inaugural donations from corporations: Not okay in 2009, totally cool ...
5 hours ago – In 2008/2009, President Obama's inaugural committee (amidst much self-promoted fanfare, I might add) ... This year, Obama is taking unlimited donations, including corporate cash.

 Bingo Bango Bongo and Obama......I told you this was a paid for sham propaganda event to cover up the Obama 2012 election theft and in USA TODAY they printed it.

D.C. hotels have availability for inauguration

Barbara Delollis
by Barbara Delollis - in 143 Google+ circles - More by Barbara Delollis
Nov 16, 2012 – Barack Obama's second inauguration as president on Monday, Jan. 21, ... constituency is going to receive free government travel vouchers to ...


The reality is that Google lists that in the story, but it has been wiped from the USA TODAY story and is only a story about 1000 dollar a night hotels in DC......yeah all these black folks could afford that in like a 2500 dollar junket they paid for.
The retail on this is if 900,000 people were bused in, that at two people to a room, that is 450 million dollars these poor bus riders would have had to have shelled out.

You know they did not. This was money laundering and graft from Obama.

Obama just was exposed in another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive. You children wanted proof, so there is the proof of this sham.

BUSGATE Busted here on the Lame Cherry blog.

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