Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama 1984 DOA

I watch signs and omens, because they matter. They are not things to base one's life on, unless they are from God in signs, but they are a collective thought of expression from the spiritual matrix that manifests in this world.

I discern and judge the event of the jumbotron suddenly broken when B. Hussein Obama gave his election theft speech a telling bad sign and omen for Obama.
I suspect the source in this might have been someone in intelligence having a bit of fun, but if not, there certainly was an electronic surge which interrupted the Big Brother signal of B. Hussein Obama to his Obamatrons.

The story was pathetic and telling, in Obama voters wandering around looking for direction and new ways for Obama to give them marching orders, only to find there was no back up from the teleprompter reader.

In viewing this from the position of signs and omens, this is a bad omen again for Obama, as what  this relates is, Big Brother is dead for the next four years. I do not mean Obama in this, but I mean in 1984 George Orwell terms of the dictator on the screen is going to be interfered with in his orders to the masses.
The masses on the receiving end are not going to understand Obama's orders and the message is going to be gabbled. These Americans are going to wander around looking for direction, try to find it, find nothing there and then trudge back to see if Obama is still talking, only to find nothing there, before they trod on off home in disappointment.

It is a telling omen in this that the crowd was taking Hilter like Nazi cues from the cheers of others  on the Mall to cheer. These followers as all know are clueless, but this is the aimless Obama mob which is America that is going to experience 4 years of no leadership from this dictator as the spiritual forces are going to cut B. Hussein off from the people.

The spiritual forces in this omen appear to be stating they are going to unplug Obama's power. He very well indeed stole the 2012 election and got re installed into 1600 Penn Avenue, but the forces which be are going to isolate him.

America will have a leader they can see in broken signal, but not hear nor understand. They will search for him, but will scatter to their homes in disappointment.

Utter ruin was the Prophecy of 2009 and it comes true. 2013's Prophecy appears to be Obama cut off in America being leaderless and the mob abandoning him.

The Obama mob will not want to be identified with him.

Baby trending.......election theft.

Lame Cherry
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The natural law historically has shown to remedy stolen elections.

agtG 283

By Mike Lillis - 01/21/13 01:29 PM ET

Tens of thousands of people who flocked to the Mall to watch Monday's inaugural ceremony will have to watch a replay to hear what President Obama said.
A  television set up just north of the Washington Monument was streaming terribly, sending a garbled signal — both audial and visual — that left observers west of 15th Street having to guess half of what Obama was saying.

Many in the crowd — perhaps thinking there was another big screen on the south side of the monument — trudged that way only to find nothing, and were forced to loop back into the north-end throng that was trying its best to be upbeat despite the malfunctioning screen.
While most endured the glitch with smiles — taking cues from the cheers much closer to the Capitol — hundreds, perhaps thousands, wandered away long before Obama's speech was through, many of them dismayed.
"This is terrible," grumbled one man, joined by his family, who did not want to be identified.