Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Standing over your Graves in Rags

On September 3rd finger to the wind, Mockingbird Mic Head, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, after being challenged by several of his friends that Bashir Assad was being set up, decided to "get ahead of the information flow" started professing the work of Josef Bodansky, who basically has written an article confirming everything this blog has been reporting exclusively for BEFORE August of this year in the last weeks of July as to what was being staged in the Middle East concerning the turning over Syria to the al Qaeda operatives run out of the Oval O by Birther Hussein Obama now, chicken entree, and the Fang Jinn.

Limbaugh is interested in jinning up market share and could care less about the protection of the peoples in the Middle East nor America.

Bodansky confirmed this operation was run out of Turkey, exactly as this blog stated ANALGATE was fissured into in the Turkish and Jordanian CIA bases were where this chemical weapons attack began. Bodansky does not link the sources as this blog has, nor has he progressed this to the various WMD's which are involved in this, which included biological anthrax from Saddam Hussein stores and manufactured stores arriving from the east coast of the United States.

Bodansky is former KGB. He is though now part of the MIC and is a Putin advocate. His work is confirmation of the exclusives of this blog again in being correct. Bodansky also links this to the fraud of Sarajavo in that attack upon Christian Serbians for Muslims in Kosovo.
Limbaugh though could not resist the script in advocating all US policy is about the free flow of oil "at market prices".

Before you suck that crude line in agreeing with Limbaugh, the "at market prices" means as set in England to rob you blind so the Wall Street and Oil Barons will rule in not having you become a political contender in Reagan like candidates.

Limbaugh though plagiarized this blog in finally coming out with the reality that Obama was taking out 'stable dictators' and replacing them with al Qaeda. See Limbaugh will not term these Nationalist Muslims who for the most part were not pro Military Industrial Complex of America, as Khadaffi to Saddam Hussein were not profit margins.....well Hussein was a bribe source of billions for the leftists of the world in the Marc Rich elite, but the reality is the point is Limbaugh just confirmed EXACTLY what this blog has been stating in what the Obama regime has been up to in running al Qaeda out of 1600 Penn Avenue.
Limbaugh might like his "free flow of oil" at monopoly prices ruining Americans, as he attacks bio fuels produced by Americans, but the reality is all of these Muslim regimes were not gouging their hordes for profits enough and that is why MIC stood by silent and allowed the Obama regime to murder all these Muslims.

So this blog by God's Grace and your non donating in impoverishing me, has been proven correct in all of this again. For those astute enough, you have been living in the future with me, over 1 month ahead of the Limbaugh Scripted 90% fact now and 10% ruse to get his richtards to goose step for the oil and stock rape of America which benefits those conglomerates.
You knew all of this, while I was being called a whore, being attacked and Emma was being murdered by the lot of you.
You discount the Jinn, and yet there is a confirmation by Limbaugh as he tries to get ahead of the curve by citing Josef Bodansky.

As was laid out here, Limbaugh went into this was about 2014 elections and this is about the GOP being blamed. I warned you that there are WMD operations in the pipeline against Americans to smear Bashir Assad in that too. That came before the FBI planted information looking at Assad Syrians in America.
They WILL link them as this blog stated though TO AMERICANS in a Terry Nichols type operation and it all goes back to the reality of the 2014 elections to keep white people from voting in overwhelming numbers for Conservatives.

....and lastly Limbaugh extolled loudly that Josef Bodansky did not list his sources. That sounds a great deal like the charges against this blog in "no sources" and then those who demand to know them. I can tell you Josef Bodansky's sources as I have already spoken of them here in they are the group who is in operation in this exactly like Edward Snowden.
Yes, Bodansky's sources are MIC and the Russian intelligence group, all coordinated in this instance again by The Control. They are not in danger as they have their own retaliation group to murder those who murder them. The regime knows in Eric Holder who is behind this. No secret even if Limbaugh questions it, as he has this story scripted for him as all his stuff is by MIC.

This group is trying to weaken the "order" in favor of their order which has made a fortune themselves in this Obama rapine. The reality is though that you have seen your GOP globalist leadership in Boehner and Cantor coming out even with the evidence stating this was an Oval O terror operation again, that they back the Syrian mass murder.

I remind you that Bashir Assad is a blue eyed white man, a son of the Crusaders of Europe in Christianity, and perhaps you know why now that the Serbs........I mean after that hint in Sarajavo clearing out the Christians from Muslim lands in why Bashir Assad, the protector of Christians is on the meat hook.

Bashir Assad is a son of Shem from Noah. That means he is a SEMITE, like the Judahites are Semites in being wiped out by the elite Ashkenaz of Europe who converted to a form of Jewish religion. Assad is Semite like Americans are Semite and under the same genocide by this group of elitists from Asia, who run the monetary things in this world from Europe for the aristocratic elite.
This is all a massive anti Christian attack in Syria, like in all the religicide in these Obama wars. Why do you think they are after Kim Jong Un, except Kim was a protector of Christians in North Korea as it was only posted here the Kim group was Protestant at roots.

Are these leaders devout? Not in the least, but they protected a group of Christians who are now from Coptics to the refugees of Syria all being wiped out.

What does it matter in this poverty I am jailed in due to the rich not making the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, as the world was proven by God's Grace exactly as this blog stated it was. You do not want to be warned a month to a year out of events, so die with it.

Being right does not do a great deal, but provide me with rags to stand over your graves.

Lame Cherry proven right again, nuff said

agtG 241

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Come you little Fag Jinn, take the step into your own web and  be caught by your own silken lines. Come on and do it. One more step, just one more step.

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