Thursday, October 3, 2013

Barry Obama's Playing Doctor with Little Boys

Editor's Note: This blog was hacked this AM in an attempt to mine the data concerning the revelations which first appeared here concerning the Obama Gay Time Lover.

It is disheartening in all of this in telling rich and affluent types to stay away from the blog and not steal from here, to only have it continue as they pick at the pony's bones.
In the Rocking Horse Winner, I continue on in the Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusives until they are no more.

The following are more details of the Obama Gay Time Lover exclusive in matter anti matter as to the boy which Barry Chin molested first.
It will be unpleasant, so all of you high speed internet pharisees get off my site as you deserve your destruction for lack of information upon this wall.
Depart from me you workers of iniquity.

Barry Obama after being rebuffed by Keith Kakugawa, set his sights on a boy who appeared at the park where hoops were shot.

The boy was 7 years old and of Japanese ancestry.

After a seduction of shooting hoops with the big boys, the child was invited by Barry Chin to come and hang out at the Kakugawa place.
The older male not having interest in the Obama's boy club, left the Obama and the Japanese boy.

It was in an outbuilding or garage where the molestation took place. Marijuana was offered and smoked. Chin fondled the child, and when aroused inserted his finger in the boys rectum and then the erection was inserted.
The child cried and Chin ejaculated into the child's rectum. The child bled from the rectum.

Chin threatened the child that he would kill him if he told anyone.

Kakugawa, did not hear the assault, but did discover it, and pronounced it "messed up shit".

This attack took place after the "sex with Gram" incident as written of here.

The child never returned to the park. He is still living in Hawaii at age 45 and does not know that the occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue or now the Chicken Entree section was his rapist.
He is not married and does not have children. He never engaged in any homosexual manifestations after the event. He is straight and he is sexual with women.

That is what inquiry states and it is the apparent smoking gun story which is still the reality of Sugarland in Hawaii.

So as Obama plunges the Stock Market to shock rape the economy again as in 2008, as his crack whore press and conglomerates scream for that regime money which was cut off, the real stories are still appearing besides the fiction of the ruse the regime and this Fang Jinn are dispelling.

Here am I still puzzled in Oral Roberts can get a million dollar donation from a rich person and Valerie Plame can get a million dollar pay off, but for satan reasons, La'me Cherry never is allowed a like portion as the demoniacs keep all the cash. 

If Keith Kiyoshi Kakugawa was William Clinton he would be praised for raping women and if Keith Kiyoshi Kakugawa was Barack Hussein Obama he would have an entire press corp covering up his molesting boys.

There were "4 friends" in the Obama circle in Hawaii. Two are proven sexual deviants, in one was arrested buying young white girls and the other has now been arrested assaulting a woman.
We know of the Obama molestation by Uncle Frank Davis as he wrote a poem about the smell of Uncle Frank on him and urine stained underwear. We know of Obama's infidelity with Lawrence Sinclair in sodomite cheating for a fact. We know of Obama's cheating with Donald Young who was murdered for talking to Lawrence Sinclair.
We know of Obama's perverse "dating" of his daughters in threatening other boys in not to sex them or Obama would Predator strike them.

Birther Obama was the worst of the four and is the one protected from his crimes then and his crimes of 1600 Penn which is the Obama legacy.

Benghazi did not happen first on September 11th. Benghazi happened in Hawaii when Barry Chin attacked a trusting little boy. It is why all of these dark shadows manifest as Barack Hussein Obama was casting them from the start from the black shadows which shrouded him from his birth in sexual deviancy.

I ask for one multi millionaire to do what is right in paying for what has been brought here for years in making the big donation, so all the poor people will stop apologizing to me that they can not donate. 

nuff said

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