Saturday, May 30, 2015

Be Good

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The wise are glad to be instructed.

People with integrity have firm footing.

- Lord God

God has blessed the peoples of this world with a great deal of His wealth. People though abuse that wealth in the worst of ways in thinking it validates them into something more over the poor.
Rich people have a vast stockpile of evidence at their trial before Christ as the Last Judgment..........yes how are you rich people going to answer Christ when He points out that you died or this world ended and you had a fortune just sitting there when there was so much need in this world.

There is nothing you can bring to God in offerings to appease Him for how horrid you are really compared to His complete Goodness.

There is though a lifetime of living which you are responsible to carry out, no matter if you are rich or poor.

Micah chapter 6 verse 8 sums your instructions up.

"No, O people, the Lord has already told you what is good, and this is what He requires: TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT, TO HAVE AFFECTION FOR CARING FOR PEOPLE, and TO BE WITH GOD IN DAILY IN ALL HUMBLENESS."

What is right? Right is moulding the life God made for you completely to the Laws of God recorded in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God by Jesus the Christ.

What is to be attracted to caring for others? That is a natural goodness which automatically flows from your heart in reacting to help others.
Recently Bob offered me some metal siding if I could find a way of hauling it by the cherrettes. That kind of thinking about my needs is what caring for others is. It is being generous  when God puts a need before you, and not walking away as you have to soak your fat ass in your swimming pool.

What is it to walk humbly with God? It is submitting to God in admonishing yourself that He is God and that you are the creation of His hands, and God always knows best, and you take God every place you go......and if you are going places that you would be ashamed to mention the Name of God, then you are instead running in haughtiness with satan every moment and not a Christian at all.

All of that is apparently by the selfishness of people in this world from Peking to New York, in you just can not find enough ways to serve yourself while everything from nature to mankind lingers in misery and death.

You literally hire your caring to be done by others. You hire your mouthpieces like Limbaugh and Matthews to protest for you, as you are too lazy and cowardly to make a Christian stand. The entire lot of you is in an affluent stupor and you puke on yourselves the foulness of what is your careless and thoughtlessness, and stand around grinning about it as some accomplishment, as after all the clergy fawn over you, the frauds cling to you and the media of satan print how wonderful of person you are.

All of this is wearisome to me in harping at you, because all it is, is evidence and testimony for the time you are sentenced to hell for being the followers of satan you are. Your minds are so stone cold that nothing of Truth permeates your thoughts, except the lies you tell yourself.

I put it to you this way. Name 5 good things you have done this week for someone else?

If you can name them, you are violating God's Teaching in keeping track of things and you destroyed your reward in having it hear, and if you can not name them, you have just proven what a cull you are in pirating off the poor in this world.

I leave this at that reality. Being a Christian is not being a Muslim, Jew, Marxist, Capitalist or Hindu. Being a Christian is a daily focus on God and immediately by the Holy Ghost's leading carrying out the missions each day which God sets before you.

The moral of it all is simple:

"Be Good and stop being the good you think you are."

- Lame Cherry