Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 9 Lies You Are Using Up

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was interesting that George Nouri of Coast to Coast AM just happened right after the lesson on the 7 Seals in the 7 Trumpets that the cartel chose to put on an "expert" who was completely incorrect to sow a false version of the Revelation.

That is the part of this which is interesting in why would it matter to the cartel to promote a counter lie in this fabrication which seems to indicate the Armageddon of Christ is much closer than it is.
What benefit would there be in shocking people with a new scare tactic, when George Knapp just two weeks ago went off on old women who were upset with him in not agreeing operation Jade Helm was the start of Obama image martial law.
Yes scare people with Armageddon, but not with Obama martial law in dismissing it.

Until I get this all sorted out, you richtards are just going to have to float along in this mine field of danger in your ignorance. You had no sympathy for me when I had to spend 3 hours of prepaid cell phone costing me 50 bucks to try and undo another plot against this blog when my phone was turned off by "accident" do not expect me to risk the popular girl for your drone fodder asses.

I am more impressed that the Mockingbird jumped that quickly in an attempt to confuse the cat in this again. One watches the reaction and is more impressed with the stage than with the actors.

I will provide a hint in this........the liar Nouri had on said that the first trumpets were World War I and II.............if they are misdirecting what the first signs are, and they are...........ok the first Seal is a likeness of Christ on a white horse who goes out and conquers the world.........

Get it, they desire you to be not looking for someone and instead believe that something has already happened...........

OK enough clues on many lives you got there rich kitty to burn up eh.