Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue Emu

Blue Emu

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a public service announcement from Surgeon Admiral Lame Cherry.

Some of you have probably heard of Bhu Emoo, as Richard Petty calls it in Blue Emu, in his commercials for it. I like Richard Petty. He is my one favorite race car driver for all time, so that solves it, but them Southerners from the back country are not linguists when it comes to Bhu Emoo.

Just a moment watching an Ayrshire on Dairy Pure milk Guernsey's, Ayrshires and Jerseys.......pretty cows.

Meanwhile this Blue Emu is expensive. I have not checked the ingredients, but I can tell you that an Emu is an ostrich which failed to grow up in Africa. I have no idea why it is blue.....unless it is colored and has menthol in it to heat up the know like Vicks vapo rub or cough drops.......that is the heat in them.

Thing is, animal fat or vegetable fat, all does about he same thing that bird fat does......that includes goose fat. People always put fat on their bodies as it clogs the poors like a layer of clothes, and makes you feel warmer, and feeling warmer makes joints or congestion feel like you got some cure.

Granted some fats like skunk are superior, and that is why you heard of bear grease and things like that in folk remedies,  but I doubt the long string fats in emu birds is anything superior to goose fat or for that matter what this PSA is you can go to your grocery and pick up a pound of hog lard for under 2 bucks and get the same results as your Blue Emu at 15 dollars a pop.
Hog lard has preservatives in it, so it probably might put the mummy in your skin too.

So for you geezers, just save your duck, goose and whatever fat......or I suppose that you could mix up some coconut oil in your hog lard, add whatever heat thing Bhu Emoo has in it, and you got something cheaper. Thing is they had Mink Oil for shoe leather, and that had about as much mink oil in it, as Obama voters had sense in voting for that Birther.

I am going to leave this off at that as still am pressed on that internet question, as nothing is available here, and Dish TV is a rip off.....600 bucks a year is not what the poor can afford.

Oh if you folks would stop eating all those chemicals and frankenfoods, your joints would not be feeling like "roomatizz" all the time. Gotta Jet.