Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Proving Lame Cherry correct on Airbus crash

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With grateful thanks to the German in sharing this, in providing proof positive that Airbus has software problems, which means the devastating lynching of the German pilot of the Airbus which crashed earlier this year and then followed up by ludicrous assertions that he had been practicing diving jets on a previous flight, has now been exposed for the fraud it was and is.

Proving you correct

Dear Lame Cherry
This news was just released in Germany. I am sure will come to your news outlets as well.
Airbus crashed due to software malfunction... not officially referring to the passenger plane, but the recent crash of a military plane.
However, the fact is established that Airbus has software problems affecting the engines.
Well done! again in correctly explaining events on the (literal) horizon.

With Love and blessings
The German
I am pleased to have such good readers as friends. I am also pleased to have my back watched by these friends who do not forgot what is posted here and when evidence arises they remember, when others do nothing but seek to tear down what shows up here as it exposes all the things they have faith in for the fraud they are.

I told you that Asian plane was brought down by European intrigue, and this German pilot being blamed is the same intrigue. It all connects. It would be human of you rich people to connect with the donate button at the top of this page and at the bottom of this post.

God Bless the German for he is good and his help is enduring like our Lord.

Nuff said.