Friday, May 22, 2015

Maytag Centennial

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a product review for poor people.

I spend too much time in the public laundromat.....damn Mexicans and journeymen.......and dopers, but anyway I came across some data on the Maytag Centennial as the best cheap washing machine.

I was able to use one recently and this is the report on it, along with some million dollar knowledge.

Oh let's do the million first. You know you all got them lace panties.....boys too, as you got them sheer Playboy undies you parade around in when feeling romantic and the wife somehow goes blind with lust long enough to rip them off of you....but any way, they got these handwash setting which suck, and lace stuff gets caught up on everything, but here is how you get by without it all.

You get yourself a pillow case. Stuff your bra and panties into them, tie a loose knot in the end, and just wash things on tap regular cold with other clothes. Protects the lace and they all come out as they should.

Now here is the Maytag thing. The parts of this are foreign, but the machines are assembled in America. Full year warranty and all.
These machines are interesting in yes they have dials and not electronics, but they "sense" the load size, and with this have huge wash drums, but you do not fill the drum up, but instead leave the middle open, and you wash clothes with less water and less soap.
This centennial seems pretty sound which is good, as it is in that 500 dollar range which is cheap for the washing machines. The ones I checked were delivered price, and when I phoned a local retailer they said they would actually beat the price.

So you wash clothes for less, and on tap water, not hot water, which saves more money. The clothes come out clean, and smell like the soap recommended which is Purex.

I do not intend for poor people to trade in their washing machines for a new one, but this new technology is interesting in using a great deal less water. In reality, the Maytag spends more time washing the clothes gently than filling up a tub with water.

I do plan on looking for a throw away washer........or washers as the old ones are built better, but for a new product review..this is not that bad of machine for over half the price of the expensive models.

It is top load, plastic hook ups, runs as noisy as any washing machine and the clothes come out almost dry as with less water, and a better spin, they are not as wet which is another plus.

There are never enough feedback posts of people who actually have tried things, and that is the purpose of this article. It is a place to start and it reviews the new technology which appeared, which is something that works very well.

That is enough of is a light washing machine too.......comes with no water hook up pipes though, at least this one did not.