Friday, May 22, 2015

All the Intelligence Assets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Intelligence programmes fascinate me, due to the protocols it operates under in hiding things in plain sight. By this I mean.........would you like to see the names of some of thee most elite intelligence assets in the world?

Just go to, and you will see a list of Mockingbird assets, listed and promoted by Big Jew (this division of the glam cartel) and you will see every twister from Eleanor Cliff to Sarah Palin. I have told you before, that you do not get hired and paid the kind of Limbaugh bucks and promoted, unless the intelligence community has your number.

If you want to know of a secret intelligence operation, I can tell you about Operation Up the Slot. What is that?
Two rural states, Conservative in South Dakota and Missouri have been targeted and deluged with sodomite promotion, Obama glam and that is the reality. They are flipping those states with high  stake conditioning of the population to be lewd in making sodomy a non stop push, all through the Mockingbird. That operation was sanctioned and it has been feeding money in massive amounts to media stations like KELOland in South Dakota, hiring fag Minnesota flat top boys like Brady Mallory to anchor the fag face of KELO.

I thought I would touch on something as it requires a grope though as history does need to be set straight. No queer intended in that not being double entendre.

Do you remember Abu Gharib? You know that little Iraqi blow up during President George W. Bush's plunge into Saddam Hussein's netherworld? You know the story of Iraqi psychos on dog leashes and little white American girls holding the leash right?

You do know that Dan Rather and CBS had those photos for months right? You do know that CBS sat on those photos when asked by the Pentagon's Chief of Staff right? You do know that the only reason CBS went with the pictures was because another outlet was going to run them? You do know that Dan Rather phoned the Joint Chief of Staff and warned him.......and the General thanked Dan right?

Now to prelude this so you get this, in just how in the hell was it, that non compoops were in charge of security in Iraq, putting Iraqi's on dog leashes, and yes photographing it all.......and tossing idiot National Guard girlies into prison for it...........and those photos just so happened to end up in the media's hands, and when CBS would not run them......they ended up in other media hands for the big scandal?

You get it now right? You get it that George W. Bush, invaded Iraq to finish off HW's big mistake......against the wishes of the cartel who had Marc Rich laundering billions into liberal accounts, and the beginning of the "teach George a lesson" was not the IED's, but the Abu Gharib photos to tarnish the American effort in Iraq.
It was all plotted out and run in a third level operation, with the ease of the reality in putting non trained dupes into positions of power, setting minders in to put them into the leash mode, and then just standing back for the close ups.
Oh and there were more operations other than Abu Gharib.........and that included that mass rape story which was planted and run with by liberals in Congress.

This is all a conditioning program in which minders across the spectrum are in place to skew things just enough to make the mass public "think along these lines" for the major promotions. No it is not absolute as there are realities like der Spiegel posting a story proving the German Airbus pilot was smeared, by making a story of other Airbus computer control being defective in another crash. It is though a constant hum, and that includes corporate structures.
One does not get the big dollars nor the big promotion, unless one is a conduit for the intelligence community to funnel information through you to promote a cartel agenda.

All of the people Drudge lists, are all recruits, all being utilized to provide their group with hyphenated response in telling them what hate they desire to hear, but informing them not to act on it...........places like Ferguson and Baltimore are vistas like Hutatree of the hands on the Boston Bombing.

Each of you have these in your own communities, whether it is California, Germany, Australasia or Canada. The world of Pyongyang Pravda is not Peking oriented.

You just study the transformation of the fag boy of KELOland, in afro curls to wedge head when he penetrated the big rape psyche. They are not all Bill O'Reilly's or Chris Matthews. They all start somewhere in media, corporations, education or foundations.

It is the operation, and until you figure out that YOU are the target, just like a German Airbus pilot being smeared to the turning of Sarah Palin, you are never going to get this complete societal transformation being completed in it's final phases.

This all matters as this flat top Mallory being queer guy for the fag eye is like others who are groomed in these backwater markets and appear in your first tier markets after learning the scam.

nuf said.