Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Memorial Day

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I think I will honor this memorial day of millions of American dead Soldiers in not honoring them on the fraud 3 day holiday which is not May 30th, for why should in this Age of Obama destruction of America, honor patriotic mistakes who should have taken up arms and marched on Washington DC and hung Lincoln for violating States Rights, shot Woodrow Wilson for foreign intrigue and drawn and quartered Franklin Roosevelt for his goading Japan into blowing up Pearl Harbor.

I prefer to focus upon me, as I exist in the product of all of these globalist wars in how am I surviving in the Obama gulag?

As I type this, it is  Saturday night. I have before me a black screen on my tower. Why is it black? Well because I was on dial up internet at 28 kbps, but I still have that, but the kicker is after the expose' here on Centurylink, somehow on Friday night at 8 pm, my phone was turned off.

I spent 40 minutes on Friday night being lied to by Mexican Centurylink phone servers. The issue was being passed around by those illegals, as the gist of the story was that for some reason, a lineman after checking my phone line for dial tone, sent in an order to freeze our phone service until June 1st, when the primary lineman would return from vacation.

I have all of this in another post, but it is locked in the tower and there it remains as I have no phone service.

For those unfamiliar with Centurylink. They take off the job on Friday night after somehow unhooking my phone. There is no such thing as an emergency repair number. The closest I could come to was another work order would have to be filed on Tuesday after a 3 day weekend in which all of you richtards are enjoying and cussing as to why the blog only has one post.........and then I might get my phone hooked back up.

Yes it is all coincidence again, that somehow a "wait and check internet viability" somehow morphed into a next billing cycle and no phone service to publish the blog, nor to rectify this....yes it is always coincidence in the Lame Cherry world in being monitored and somehow the absolutely absurd things happen......after hours on Friday night, on a three day weekend, after everyone will be gone.........and I get lied to non stop by the Mexican employees there.......and that is where all of this coincidence is at the moment.

I have not inquired, but I know this is satan at the center of this. I suspect that enough of the intelligence fringe has been monitoring this situation, and when the opportunity arose to silence this blog.......they jumped on it knowing my financial straights and the time constraints I am under in there are not weeks of stories posted as backup any longer. The blog runs out before June 1st.

I am going to try to have at least one post until then, but I am finished with fighting this. We are in the public library...if it is open and I can post this on Sunday.....and researching again how to be rid of Centurylink..........who actually phoned up a satellite company and transferred me as they are so absolutely dinosaur as they advertise multi gigs for you richtards in the big cities. All of you people need to be aware, that Centurylink has absolutely no customer service, and Centurylink has nothing but foreign accent Mexicans working there to piss you off.
I am stuck trying to figure out how to switch over on the fly.

It costs 4 bucks a trip to town, so that would be a 32 dollar twice a week trip, and then it would be nothing of what is trending. So I am weighing the situation as a primary friend of the blog is going to be the person whose donation will fund the blog this year. That is the only solution I can come up with to try and keep this blog functioning. I should be flattered as Captain Kirk said in M 7, because the Bible says I should rejoice in having this type of attack upon me for being a Christian.

I have found out one thing already and that is with a blank screen, I do not miss the internet.......meaning I do not miss having that signal amplified for me to feel the primal scream coming from all of you in agony or debauchery. Most times it feels like a thousand blade knife constantly dragging across my Spirit.

So Tuesday I get to Mexican hat dance again with Centurylink, in just getting the phone service on, so I can then using up expensive cell phone minutes, get back onto the phone to phone Centurylink when this gets sorted out, and tell them when they ask if they can do anything more for me..........that if they know where Syria is, they can all go there and get friendly with ISIS who will do the world a favor in culling them in the Obama foreign worker program that Centurylink has it terrorizes one of their customers in some of the most interesting psychological torture protocols.

If only the Vietnam Veterans had marched on Washington and taken American back instead of being sadistically tortured by the cartel.

PS and I am not in the library as it is closed. I am sitting outside and grabbing the signal low grade in order to post is raining.

nuff said