Monday, May 25, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to the best of Homo Hannity and his triumphant words were that he judged America "not a racist nation" as a black could be elected, a hispanic could be elected, a woman could be elected..............but there is the rub in this in how racist a nation America is degraded to, as America could not elect white men.

That might sound odd but it is a liberal triumph in America is so racist that when one is white, and male, the candidate is rejected. If one is white female, and right wing like Sarah Palin, the candidate is rejected.

That is what racism is. If you have a majority of a population which will not vote for a black because they are black, that is racism. So when it is flipped in white people are discriminated against, prejudiced against, and extreme racial rejection is initiated, that is racism whether Homo Hannity can figure that out or not.

America has been so retarded now that the most successful, prosperous and vigorous racial group has been banned from being elected. That is racism. It is the worst type of racism with its roots in dark Africa where Robert Mugabe drove off all of the successful white settlers and turned Rhodesia over to the cartel to exploit. The same instance was in Kenya, Uganda, and every other African nation which was once prosperous. When the most successful race is removed from leadership, you have an inferior political mandate producing national suicide.

I desire to repeat this that America is the most racist nation on the planet, not because it is prejudiced against minorities, but because it is prejudiced against white people. Until the Homo Hannity in his Mockingbird script is called on this, and the buzz word from Lame Cherry begins to permeate throughout the internet, that type of propaganda will continue to perform a genocide against the Anglo BOURSLAV peoples.

One can see what the cartel is doing to Ukraine in making it a white slave traffic nation in raping and prostituting its women and children. That serves the worst purpose in the world. Removing one race or weakening one race as America is being polluted by Mexicans, and as France is being polluted by North Africans, and as England is being polluted by Asian Muslims, you have the friction for civil unrest and the worst progenitor of a disease in a culture, no different than a cancer infecting a healthy body.

So that is the Lame Cherry record and the fact in exclusive matter anti matter. America is the most racist state in the world because a white person cannot be elected to 1600 Penn Ave.

Nuff said.