Thursday, May 28, 2015

One of Kitty's Lives

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We have cats here. Lots of cats. They do not have exotic names.......just names like Muff, Muff's little one, that blue stud cat, those black cats and Kitty.

TL thinks Kitty is not all there.......Kitty is a white cat.

TL has been feeding Kitty as Kitty is not allowed to eat with the other cats as the other cats are mean to her. So TL has been feeding Kitty........and Kitty is pregnant or was.

So Kitty starts having her spots where they come out her in fact. Baby Belle stepped on one, which is where this story starts.

I would have knocked that kitten in the head as I have tried to save cats that mothers abandon, and they died. It is the kindest thing. But TL is kinder than I, as I was planting sprouted corn in trying to feed us in the future and started trying to feed the kitten in making Kitty take it.

TL found another kitten too..........and was trying to make the not all there Kitty take that one too. TL got a few woodticks doing that.......and as it came down to it, we got a chicken cage, stuffed Kitty into it with the kitties as they did suck...........and away we went.

I wondered where the other kittens were as Kitty was really prego. We heard cat birds, but no more kitties.

So TL is taking care of Kitty and the cats..........and after chores comes looking for me in quick time, as things are interesting. TL found the missing kitty, or at least one of was part sticking out of Kitty's female parts.
No wonder she was sort of big yet as she had a big dead kitten in her.......breach and there it was.

I did not mention that Kitty is not the tamest cat on the planet. She is.........well I was most interested in not getting TL clawed as I knew what adventure lay ahead.
See when babies die in the womb, they not only are dead, but just like a fish on the beach, the start bloating up and swelling. It is hard enough getting things out of a females tight parts without it getting bigger.
Did I mention all that heated womb also rots things?

So there was this part of a cat sticking out there. I figured the best was for TL to put on gloves, hold the cat in place, and for me to surgicial gloves pull the dead kitten out.

As I said, dead things rot, and this kitten was rotten.......I was pulling...TL was holding and I was getting me a Kitty pulled along as it was tight.  Finally figuring that it was best to chance me getting clawed and bit to get this done with as I was feeling one dead kitten tearing loose.
So I grabbed Kitty's pelvis with TL holding, the cat not enjoying this much, and I started giving it the big steady pull, and within about 15 seconds the dead one started moving more than the live cat. Once that happened, the rest was pretty easy as the bloated kitten slid out, and there I was holding it, with the placenta, and moving on to a new location to pitch it in the trees as I sort of have a thing of not liking holding dead rotten things.

Kitty was pleased at all this. I think she would have eaten the kitten, as cats are like that. It is all protein as long as it is dead. I have seen a mother cat eat a dead kitten she just had. Kitty just got to lick the blood on a paper towel as her reward for a successful birth.

I know what happened.  The kitten was dead as a breach. It was large. Kitty gave up and the thing just started to be evacuated by the body. Kitty gave up as she was out of push, and there the kitten was stuck until I by God's Grace unstuck it.

That kind of stuff kills cattle fast. I knew of a neighbor woman though who had a baby die in her, and the bones just came out as the kid rotted. Never killed the not know what the deal is with cats, but I figure that half a dead cat sticking out of a live one, is not as a live cat with me pulling the dead one out. Either way, Kitty was eating cat chow and acting normal.......cattle get feverish and go plumb nuts in trying to kill you.

So TL plays with the kitties that are alive. They are tiger cats. Mew a great is lower and one is higher........and Kitty's is lower too now as that must be her mother mew which sounds more like she is angry.

Sure has been a great deal of evil things here attempting to murder things in birthing for some time now.  I never pulled a dead cat one either. Was an interesting adventure and it didn't take 7 years and 200,000 dollars in school fines to buy me that degree.

I think I am getting good at this stuff. Gram was a midwife and was popular doing that. I know how to birth people stuff, but all the same I would prefer to stick with the four legged critters....actually prefer to have births with no problems as while the experience is existentially exhilarating, it is a bit more drama than I care to keep walking on the water in success every time.

That was the sport I was having........I know it is not as exciting as Rush Limbaugh puss puss adventures of a cat on a rail or some other recounts, but it is all I have in saving Kitty's life...........probably used up one of Kitty's lives in that one though.