Thursday, May 28, 2015

lame cherry non tropical fungal disease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK this is interesting in I had something which has no explanation, except for reasons I do not ..........ok I will tell you this as this is personal. See TL and I not being wedded, are celibate, but someone who does not want us together who is a relative is such a hot little number flowing with unctions that they do not believe we as Christians can control our sexual natures and love with God this person with satan gave me a ........something on my thigh which was really interesting.

See I happened to notice surprised one afternoon that I had this blotch on my thigh about egg was dark red and looked like a rash............I did not know if a spider bit me repeatedly or what the devil it was.
It did not simply appeared and it was not sore.

I tried putting on it peroxide and that did seem to help. Thing is I had that roofing to put on, and it was hot up there and a great place for things to grow and it certainly did grow as it chafed with walking.

So you got it that it grew, and got to Gilligan Island type size......and it started putting out these little islands that spread.

I put on it a ........well I put the recipe here and thought all was going well, until the epidermus in numbers of layers started peeling off. The edges started getting red and sore, so I knew I had a lovely bacterial infection starting.

It was a great biological experiment to study, as I inquired in this was nothing no one had ever seen, and I certainly had been no where to be exposed to anything like this.

As this was going on, Mom in Spirit as much as TL in Spirit said to me what the Spirit said to me......"That xxxxxx did not want you having sex with TL." Yeah that was it from three sources, but I was amused at it all, as the culprit should have waited until after the honeymoon and not when we are in betrothed Christian mode.
I will be honest here. Both TL and I have had some pretty shitty tools of stan hurt us, and it has been beneficial to us for where we are going in marriage to not have any of the immorality clouding the Holy Ghost's work in making issues and setting things back.
I like being with TL 24 7. I like TL as my best friend. I like doing things with TL.......fact is sex wears out and that is why most people have problems in they have nothing built in a relationship but lust.

So anyway this non trop fungal disease. It is interesting in it reminds me of cancer in requiring a fungal toxic acidic soup for that virus to grow. This fungus was reverse in needing a bacterial field to expand out of. You know like maggots only live in the soup they foul.

I used up around 4 tubes of anti biotic and now have this neat series of red brands on my thigh. Each one sluffed off a great deal of skin, so it was not the original brew doing this, but a manifestation of this fungus. It kills the skin and the body gets rid of the skin and wiht a little anti biotic to confine the spread, it all just leaves red marks.

Yes TL and I are always going to be together. The person responsible for this really has shown their psychopathies in their weaknesses as the attack was the most ineffective possible.

For those who do not believe that satanic attacks on good people like Job do not happen in the 21st century........they do and I am certain of the experience I just had again. God preserves though and I learn and become more effective in the trials.
I used to think when I was stumbling with sin, that it was the sin that was the problem in why I was being attacked.........obviously satan and it's dark lights are focused upon destroying me and sin has never been the issue. Having a clear conscience though helps me in this as I know I am right with God.

It is just one more tear until the final Joy in Christ is fulfilled.

Nuff said