Friday, May 29, 2015

Putin Pie


First, I would like to address the issue that I do not care about world soccer in the least. I do care about violations of international law though and intimidations of nuclear powers which make pushing a button to vaporize Obamamerica as the fallout might be unpleasant for my Jersey calves in producing milk in the future.

This is about FIFA FIFI or whatever the soccer thing is which Vladimir Putin bribed to get the world cup at Russia in the next go round of games which the 3rd world and 2nd world fixates on. The ordeal in this is the image of Birther Hussein got the US Presidency for being a Nigger, got the Nobel Prize for being a Nigger, and somehow Obama thought just by showing up and wanting a pie that he was going to get the world cup as his legacy, so he could sit in the stands like Nelson Mandela..........another terrorist.

So Obama did not get the Olympics or something when the wife went there, and now Putin paid off a group of people to get the world cup. Big is legal in Russia if Putin did it.

So why is it that the US Justice is getting the Swiss to indict people........and the Obama regime is the one hauling them into America for prosecution.

Problem in this is..........the crimes did not take place under American Jurisdiction. These folks are not Americans. So this in not in any way is anything the Americans have any jurisdiction over. What has just taken place is the Swiss arrested people and then illegally handed them over to American kidnappers.

For those who think I have an Obama fix..........I stated the same thing when HW Bush hauled Mano Noriega, the President of Panama out of that country, tried him in American courts and threw him into prison. You can't do that as Noriega did not violate American laws in America.

If this is the precident then the Obama regime can arrest the Saudi royals for lopping of queer heads for being gay. That is a violation of self determination which all nations have, and you just can not go and arrest people just because Vladimir Putin paid a bribe that Obama thought he could get for being a Nigger in just showing up again.

This is serious, as these are nuclear states involved.

If this is so criminal, then the World Court is the place for this just like the Nazi was tried at Nuremberg.

This Obama outlaw regime is thee worst in world history. It is now not only drone striking Americans to murder them, but now has the neutral Swiss kidnapping people for them, all due to this being the Obama legacy has been lessened by not having the world cup, so the image can sit in the stands and take selfies with blondes again like at Mandela's funeral.
Look when the image of Obama is finally pushed out of the White House.........I do not want it around opening chicken stands, watermelon stands or showing up at world cup events acting like he is Nelson the terrorist Mandela.

I agree with President Putin. Bribery is a great  thing, and Americans used to bribe people all the time until Nancy Pelosi shut it all down as part of the cartel, and Americans lost a butt load of jobs in other nations got those contracts.

I leave this at that.