Friday, May 29, 2015

Hidatsa Moment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I often wonder of the ingrained stupidity of the American Indian. They believe propaganda from the cartel leftists in being too racist to read the actual history.

In the winter of 1877 AD in the year of our Lord, we find the Hidatsa account of the Sioux, coming to their camp and burning their lodges and stealing all the Hidatsa corn. Those who forget history, will be reminded that in June of 1876, General George Custer had been dispatched on a military expedition, because the Crow had petitioned the US Government for military rescue in the Sioux were trying to destroy the Crow.

We know what happened to General Custer at the Little Big Horn. The Crow had been attacked in 1875 and in 1877, the Hidatsa suffered the same fate.

The modern Hidatsa, Crow, Arikara and Mandan have a fiction about them that the Sioux were somehow their friends as all Indians were victims of the white Americans. The problem is there were dominant tribes all over America, and they were carrying out genocide against the lesser tribes.

That is the reality. The Sioux of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull attacked the peaceful Hidatsa and left them all for dead. Crazy Horse, one of the worst terrorists in world history has  a monument built for him in South Dakota and hapless whites and Indians whose ancestors were slaughtered by these pirates of the plains go and worship that terrorist there like Muslims do Shiek bin Laden today.

That is the short lesson.