Saturday, May 23, 2015

The pimp of babylon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hear the Word of the Lord. The following is the revelation in the timeline of the sequence of America in her downfall along with the other 9 peoples of Israel who are displaced and lost in the world deliberately by God to hide their identity.

The Word of the Lord came to the Prophet Amos who was a herdsman and orchardman. God sent him to the American forebears in Samaria which were the 10 tribes cut off from Solomon due to his idolatry. In Amos chapter 7, by exclusive Lame Cherry matter anti matter, you are now given the timeline in where America is.

In Amos 7, God shows Amos three visions. 

The first vision is of locusts in the grub stage. The key to this is locusts were sent for the first fruits. The first fruits were the government's share, meaning America has been mown down by actions like 911 in divesting her people of their wealth which God gave and the regime is stealing more from the citizen.
The Prophet interceded for the people as they had been so lessened in power that they would not be able to stand the coming invasion, much like America's wealth and power no longer existed after 911 and required international effort.

The second vision is one of fire in which it consumes from the deep or the roots of the nation. That great pimp of Babylon, that apostate idol which inhabits 1600 Penn Ave has overseen this consumption of America and it is fulfilled.
America is at this point and she has had God repent of her absolute destruction but that does not mean this is over nor Judgment is not coming.

The third vision was one of God showing Amos a plumbline in the center of Israel. God stated that He would no longer pass by the sins of Israel and He would measure them and mark them for destruction.

This is where America is and what she will now face. This is a nation void of the Word of God and it is pathetic that the Lame Cherry is this voice telling you what is about to happen as there is a drought of Christian understanding in what is taking place. It is a high honor for me to be stuck doing this as I foolishly prayed it as a child. Honors though are fleeting in this world and only in Jesus' Kingdom will there be any honor as the brats do not want to hear the Word and the Faithful are fearful of it.

The American regime will be overturned as it is no longer a Republic. It is not what God Created, and it has no purpose except to satan to enslave and destroy God's People. In that, the clergy in America and the West will watch their wives become whores as concubines of the state.

That is the reality of the Word of the Lord in the duality timeline of Amos the Prophet. That idol which you set up is the pimp of Babylon, is as apostate as the golden calf, Solomon's high places, and Manasseh's butchering children for the fire demon. You threw Jesus out and you put in a false messiah. You will answer for this in all the West as your cartel masters cracked the whip and you bowed to the image of apostasy.
The Samarians made the people to forget God. You forgot the Holy Mount of the Lord Jesus Christ and erected your bethels, your houses of self worship across the land. It will all be pulled down and those who had part in this will be fertilizer to the weeds of the unplowed fields.

That is your lesson.