Friday, June 5, 2015

Cherrystone File: Bush I II III IV

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Sometimes the best judge of a situation is the mongrel that is shitting on your lawn, eating your cat food and pissing on your tires, as what is a better judge of the things you do than the cur sticking it's nose up your ass to see how much of need your tampon is in need of changing.

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I found a book on the street today. It was in a box of books of cookbooks, romance novels, pulp trash and priced at a dollar for a year, no one still would not purchase it. The book is Bushworld by Maureen Dowd.

As the fraud of the 2016 AD elections are foisted upon Americans, the darkest season of the winter of the American grave, requires a wet dog acknowledgement of the things that Ms. Dowd has had her nose shoved up whose ass or yore.

Dowd sets the stage in her talky forward which goes on like a fake orgasm in energizer bunny batteries prolonging the torture. The reality is the George W. Bush Presidency had two objectives before 9 11, and the cartel which Bush43 was at odds with, knew all about them.
The policies were Ronald Reagan simple in Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was to finish the Reagan strategic mandate in defending America, in not only finishing Star Wars, but creating an operational laser weapon.
On the domestic side, Vice President Richard Cheney was focused upon the Reagan policy of making America energy independent in the Sarah Palin later mantra of "drill baby drill", in order to keep American oil dollars in America and not in Saudi banks.

Politically, Bush43 and Karl Rove focused on two groups, the Christian Conservatives in keeping them prevalent as the base and bringing the Jewish vote back as Jews were vital to electing a Republican.
I require you to note in all this big tent Bush41 and the nonsense of Jeb Bush of getting liberal fags to elect a Republican in swinging Bush left, George W. Bush instead swung hard right, and brought home the Democrat Conservatives to join them into the Christian Conservatives and melded to it all the powerful Jewish vote.

It will be a surprise to the reader that Dowd actually blurts out with glee a hidden manifestation of the worst enemies that George W. Bush ever had, and they were the Quayle Killers.
For those who do not know what this is, this was the group who sabotaged Dan Quayle as Vice President, and told the Christian Conservatives to shut up and go away after they handed Bush41 the White House. Bush43 was not going to repeat the crucial mistakes which his dad did. The liberal Rockefeller or Prescott Bush Republicans were the demise  of Bush41 and if one examines all of the problems that Bush 43 had, it was all in the realm of the Quayle Killers.
It was the Quayle Killers who began the anti Semitic "neocon" title which is a slur at former liberal Jews who became Conservatives. It was the Quayle Killers who in voice of chosen agents Colin Powell (Obama advocate) and Richard Armitage who instigated Plamegate.
Plamegate as this blog proved was not about the CIA, but was an operation where Vice President Richard Cheney, who Dowd states never sought the White House, would be impeached, all so Colin Powell, a Rockefeller man and Obama stooge, would be installed to be Vice President, and thereby seat the first black Obama into the White House in 2008.

For those who need that repeated, I will repeat it. If the Plamegate coup had been successful in impeaching Dick Cheney, and not imprisoning innocent Conservative Scooter Libby, there never would have been an Obama, as the Obama on deck was Colin Powell and he would have been installed in 2008, as the Clintons had offended the cartel in that "stan uranium ore deal to the Chicoms".

I bring this out in Dowd's natterings in she had no idea what she was really dealing with, yes the reason for 9 11 was based in revenge over Allan Greenspan's Dotcom bust which robbed European elite, but 9 11 was struck against America for the very reason of stopping the Doomsday weapons being put into place for American supremacy in Donald Rumsfeld and American economic superpower status for the next 200 years in North American oil and natural gas development and sales, in America has more proven oil, gas and coal than the world combined.

George W. Bush as this blog foretold was America's last chance. You now for the first time have an explanation that it was Bush41's Quayle Killers and the cartel which undid the crowning moment of Ronald Reagan's Pax Americanus.

We examine in this, the reality that the Quayle Killers often mocked George W. Bush when Bush41 was in the White House for one term, as much as they did Dan Quayle. Nothing was ever expected of George W., no more than Joe Kennedy ever expected Jack Kennedy to be presidential material. The entire hope of the Bush family was never George W., but it was  heir apparent in Jeb Bush.

You have to get this in the reality that George W. Bush was a real Reaganite, Christian and Conservative. He was not an actor like his father George H. W. Bush pretending to be Conservative, and was not an overt flaming liberal like grandfather Prescott Bush.
You have to comprehend this, as it explains what Jeb Bush is and always has been. He is a fraud like his father HW in mimicking Conservative leanings, but just as often opens up with the Reagan is roadkill and we all have to be like Obama, as Jeb Bush has stated in public.
Jeb Bush is his father's son, George W. Bush is the Father's son, as he told Bob Woodward.

That is the schizoprhenia which plagued the Bush43 Presidency, for he was right wing, but his HW appointed staff were intent on implementing all the Wall Street or Barack Obama policies. The Quayle Killers picked off Senator Larry Craig and every Conservative, as like Senator George Allen of Virginia, were contenders who would have easily destroyed Jeb Bush from the 2016 Presidential run.
I am no voter for Hillary Clinton, but the fact is between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton is more right wing in her politics in focusing on enriching the mass public through Wall Street while Jeb Bush is just a different Obama faction of Big Wall Street. The codex in all of this is, Hillary Clinton will repeat what Bill Clinton accomplished in enriching Americans, and Jeb Bush will repeat what HW Bush did in enriching his crony few and impoverishing Americans exactly as Birther Obama did for the same cartel factions.

9 11 was about what Birther Obama enacted in keeping America from being energy independent. I have championed George W. Bush, who along with liberal Tom Daschle of South Dakota and liberal Tom Harkin of Iowa, announced after 9 11 that America would create biofuels to stop funding oil terror in the Mideast. This is the policy which Big Koch made billions off of and is now against, as they are the same Jeb Bush clique which is the same Big Wall Street Obama fauns for and the same Wall Street of Prescott Bush.

When George W. Bush was working for HW, his confident was the legendary Lee Atwater. Those two men got HW elected. Atwater played the Nixon hardball politics and George W., brought home the Christian Conservatives. I am telling you all of this, so you understand the history, and it is all in cat claw propaganda fevered over by Dowd, who is so dense she makes  atomic material seem like helium.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. It is the real story as you have never heard it before as the Mockingbird will not allow anyone to link the real reasons behind 9 11, and who was really behind the demise of America in George W. Bush, as it was his old man's Quayle Killers, and this same group is softening up Hillary Clinton and they will implement Barack Hussein Obama Chin's 3rd term.

Now you probably know why, all of you non donating, sit on the sidelines richtards, why this cartel group has been busy trying to silence this blog with satanlink. Without me all you will have is the fluff of Maureen Dowd and the floof of a Rush Limbaugh manipulating you to idiot conclusions in their scripted machinations.