Thursday, June 4, 2015

Church of Hope

I like the idea. St. Paul worked as a tanner and if you are so moved, the footsteps you walk upon, would be those of Christ's and a Church only needs a place, a Preacher and the Holy Ghost there to Inspire.

I realize it is just passing thoughts our Viking, but all the same, Fellowship of Believers is Church, and you are a believer and one of the best Disciples of the Lord in you have a gift in speaking with others in the Way it matters.
I have listened to you in your conversations with others. They matter and you mattered to these people.

I know you have enough on the path you walk, and do not mean to pressure you in anything. If the Holy Ghost Wills, and you are led, then God Will move the ministering He accomplishes to you, to a place He has prepared.

People desire to listen, they will listen. They are listening already.

Yes we are mostly back........we have things working and we by God's Grace have been busy and productive.

Gotta jet for now and find some sleep.

Oh, Baptists pretty much just pick a guy who has no degree. So there is nothing that says people have to be seminary American Lutheran Church around here, broke off and started a new one.....they did not like the sodomy of the old overthrown gay abomination now being advocated.
Seem to have alot of coffee and cookies each day I drive by.