Monday, June 1, 2015

Convenient America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you Americans, Britons, French and Germans think that your freedom is something unique? I have told you that all of you are slaves, inmates of a gulag and all of you are too ignorant, deluded and bribed to understand what you have been subjected to.

I provide you the words of Cornelius Tacitus, to prove you, to open your understanding that regimes have policy, as old as Rome, in making slaves ignorant of the fact they are slaves, by telling them they are free.

"(Agricola) He was also attentive to provide a liberal education for the sons of their chieftains, preferring the natural genius of the Britons to the attainments of the Gauls; and his attempts were attended with such success, that they who lately disdained to make use of the Roman language, were now ambitious of becoming eloquent. Hence the Roman habit began to be held in honor, and the toga was frequently worn.

At length they gradually deviated into a taste for those luxuries which stimulate to vice; porticos, and baths, and the elegancies of the table; and this, from their inexperience, they termed politeness, whilst, in reality, it constituted a part of their slavery."

The unique part of this patrician of Rome is that he wrote constantly in expressing things in honest terms as he was speaking to Romans, the facts of the world, and not educating the mobs which were being enslaved.

If one recalls the protocols which were published to destroy the western civilization, they all followed the same Roman Empire protocols against Briton. Change the native like John Kerry or Barack Obama to emulate and yearn to be a European from Paris or Berlin in speeches or language, and then hand the mob all the luxuries to seduce their souls from entertainment, to cell phones to porn, and the mob and the leadership will think this is enlightened and generous, when it is nothing any different than baiting a Nigger in Africa with a pile of bananas like one would an ape for the zoo.

You children sense this and you brats are in an Obama stupor. You are all slaves and the Afroid as the White is being replaced by the Mexican in menial mind labor and the Asian in technical labor.

That is what the cartel has accomplished. Nothing is new under the sun. Tacitus is just rare in expressing what the regime really implements and how it enslaves and destroys all peoples.