Monday, June 1, 2015

The Obama Curse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the righteous death of Beau Biden, in his part of heinously persecuting America's first political prisoner of the Obama regime Lawrence Sinclair, one must re-examine all of the dead bodies which the regime has piled up such as Ambassador Chris Stevens, Andrew Breitbart, Brittany and husband Murphy, and the Diaspora dead along with the early Obama backers of Colonel Khadaffi, one sees the tide turning with the death of Beau Biden, in asking if this is God from His Throne Witnessing no Justice in America will be accomplished, and now God's Hand is Administering the balance of scales of Justice.

There is a long list of frauds for Obama. Pantywaist Peggy Noonan, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter attacking Birthers, the frauds at FOX in Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, that we ponder now if their days are numbered for the ruthless attacks against the American Virgin for the Obama regime.

How long will it be until the bell tolls for them in God's Judgment, as it appears the Delaware syndicate was visited in the death of Junior Biden. God's Sword knows no boundaries nor ivory towers. It reaches in to the silver-robed Herod as much as Ahab and Jezebel.

Personally, if I had been a traitor, a usurper, a coward, a ruthless venereal disease of the Obama regime attacking Americans, or handing up Afroids for fodder for political causes while enslaving millions of Mexicans, all for profit and power in the overthrow of America, I would wonder if the dark shadows that followed me had the long scythe of the black-robed Grim Reaper sent to collect me.

I see this as festive sport now. Call it the circus, call it the games, call it whatever Rome termed it because what could be more entertaining as a national sport than witnessing God's Justice upon those who destroyed His America? Everyone cheered when it was Shake bin Laden, including the drool spitting Mark Levin. George Nouri cheered when Egypt went into a Lara Logan rape state, and we were all told how wonderful it was when 100,000 Syrians were butchered during the Arab Spring and the ISIS winter. So, certainly a bit of chest thumping by God and a few cheers from those in this world who have been persecuted and buried their own dead would seem justified in enjoying this new international pastime.

You richtards, I would not be resting too easy either as where the cancer of Biden lurks, so lurks your own reckoning with God. God does not play favorites. He Administers Justice equally. And while you have told yourself like Beau Biden that you would get away with it, that God has better things to do, we see now that God had something to do in not saving Beau Biden when satan came to collect with a brain cancer death.

This might seem harsh, but from all I have been through it does not seem so harsh. I have buried enough loved ones, been persecuted relentlessly, and as TL types this for me, I am healing from a new eye condition, all a part of this. So as the majority of richtards could not care about me, or the millions of other suffering Americans, or the billions enslaved in this world, harsh does not seem so bad in another rotting corpse of a rich man in the ground.

I am not going to make this too lengthy so you get the point. Whether it is Beau Biden's cancer brain a few days ago, your terminal condition today, or Wormwood killing you justly in future, your time is coming and you are not going to be saved out of it. You have been warned to repent, and you go on your rich-soaked way, lying to yourself how wonderful you are in your expensive clothes and your powerful friends. It didn't do Beau Biden any good, and it is not going to do you any good either.

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