Monday, June 29, 2015

Double Down Donald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America is ready for an iron hand who will fight back.

When Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against LatinoTV over the Miss America pageant, he was correct, but now that NBC has decided to become the Bandito Terrorist network in taking from Mr. Trump his successful program, and there are Mexican calls to seize the Miss America pageant from Mr. Trump in "buying" out the shares, it is time for Donald Trump to either get into this War of Genocide on Americans, or reveal that he is just another Pied Piper leading Americans deeper into the Obama Abyss.

What Mr. Trump should do is this in a press statement:

Today NBC moved to terrorize me in taking away my livelihood, my business and my Rights to Free Speech. In response to this, I pledge if Americans will vote for me to make me as their President, I will do the following for each of you:

1. In January 2017, I will unleash the United States Justice Department, starting with NBC, to file charges via a Grand Jury, for being a conduit of those forces who are intent on the complete destruction of America.
This is not going to be some corporate fine, nor some white collar hotel for these terrorists when they are convicted. This is going to be hard time, along with all of the other invaders of America who are taking your homes, your jobs, raping, robbing and murdering your families and being rewarded for it.

2. In the same month, I will require the FCC to revoke NBC's license, and immediately award it to an American owner who will operate it in the public trust for all Americans.

When a corporation decides to try and destroy me, in thinking it can get away with it, I return to the American People and ask them to rally around me, as I will make it a point to get every penny, every job and every last crumb which has been robbed from you over the years, at home and abroad.

The United States Justice system  and the United States Military will be unleashed to protect, defend, secure and confiscate what has been robbed of all Americans.

Donald Trump, it is time to double down and show you are a fighter for your family and for all Americans. Tell Americans you are going to turn this system which has been criminalizing them and robbing them, back on the perpetrators for full raw Justice for the American People.

Nuff said.