Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Mother of Obama IS


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder sometimes how the way liberal women just can not keep their mouths shut, in and out of bed. They hear anything on their knees and the minute they get in public, they go catty in attacking someone they have the real hots for......but who would never get near their nasty olde snatch.

I wonder about those things, and of course this has nothing to do with Maureen Dowd in her columns repasted into Bushworld, which is for all of you children and brats a lesson in..........you do not have to hack into Homeland Security to find out what is being carried out, because their Mockingbird conduits always are blurting out things they heard in trying to appear intelligent.

The subject today, is Barack Hussein Obama Chin in the image, which all little liberals were duped by and on their knees in front of worshiping yet........and it is about the image's little Mideastern commie Muslim group which the Obama image armed, trained, transported and is using to reshape the Middle East for the coming Neo Roman Empire.

It will be easier if I just give the quote.

Here it is.

The quote.

Not the easier as that is what you need me for.

Here is the quote.

Really, this is the quote.

Not that, "Really, this is the quote", but this is the quote.

Fun playing with with Inspired me is it not eh?

Ok, here is the quote:

"And we certainly don't understand the violent internecine religious battles we've set in motion. At first the Shiites were with us, and the Sunnis were giving us the trouble. Now a new generation of radical  Shiites is rising up and assassinating the other Shittes aligned with us; they view us as the enemy and our quest as a chance to establish an Islamist state, which Rummy says won't be tolerated."

First, do you get what I mean in Dowd is a pseudo intellectual in her main language is Irish gutter trash caste, while she plants one word bomb of INTERNECINE to pretend she is intelligent and to wow the liberal bone heads?
Her writing of conjuctions in "we've and don't" denotes as forensic psychology of cutting corners. She is not thorough. She is lazy, at heart an Irish mick, who took a bath and as a sports reporter joins the David Letterman local weathermen in those ivory towers in the sky to be the whores of the Rockefeller division of the cartel.

Now with that little lesson in linguistics disrobing the old sagging skin and poking bones, no one cares to observe even with payment now, let us return to the focus of this in what you probably missed in the Dowd quote of, "they view us as the enemy and our quest as a chance to ESTABLISH AN ISLAMIST STATE."

So we now assemble this in the Bush Doctrine was to allow all the terrorists and radicals to be exported from stable Muslim nations, into Iraq, where they being emboldened by the Maureen Dowd western propagandists, created out violent acts murdering Americans and Muslims, and attempted to assemble IS or ISIS or ISIL, the Islamic State in August of 2003 AD in the year of our Lord, and were subsequently trounced by the Bush Surge, overseen by Condi Rice.

Did I mention that IS was duped into coming into Iraq and was defeated thoroughly by the Bush Administration BEFORE THE PRESIDENT LEFT OFFICE IN 2009, but by the Obama retreat and withdrawal from Iraq, disrupting stable regimes as in Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, that Birther Hussein required a new terror group to conduct the cartel's realignment of Islam to community organized Islam, and who did the Obama regime resurrect, but none other than the Islamic State, which immediately murdered 100,000 Syrians and especially targeted Syrian Christians.

So you understand this point, it is reviewed, Dowd was writing of ISIS in 2003. ISIS was in response to terrorists being emboldened by the now Obama press, to disrupt the Bush43 democratization of the Mideast Islam, all so Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could seize back the United States Congress.
Yes this was organized high crimes against America, by American traitors in Mockingbird and in Intelligence.....just clarifying that point.

But notice clearly in this in Dowd pinpoints this as Shia, the same tribal religion which this blog exclusively pinpointed was Obama's chosen sect of Islam. Shia is the religion of Iran, and the Obama regime has been busy doing all it could do, to assist Iran against the Jews and Saudis who are Sunni, to expand their nuclear weapons arsenal.
Same communist Shia who are busy making war in Syria for the Obama regime.

I am going to digress here for a moment, as in doing research in this, I happened up the liberals going berzerk against Bob Woodward, for going soft on his coverage of the Bush43 Administration.
This was a period when Dowd was part of the embolden terrorists and do everything which could be done to bring down the Bush43 government. Those who know history might wonder why would  the man who brought down President Richard Nixon, be the man who would not be party to a Bush coup?

This is important as you are getting to peek under the skirts of all of these minders, and you are receiving insight to how these factions all have operatives working.

Bob Woodward, the hero of liberals for getting Nixon, was and is a Naval intelligence asset. Watergate was a faction of the CIA which was involved in the capping of John F. Kennedy in Dallas. E. Howard Hunt being the action officer for Watergate and G. Gordon Liddy being the head plumber for the break in to be caught.
Follow this close now, in Prescott Bush had just had his son's rising star become involved in the Nixon sphere. The coup against Richard Nixon was the patrician Rockefeller wing with the Bush operatives, along with the Kennedy clan, all over Nixon smashing the red 5th column in America with Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.
This set the overthrow of America back decades according to Gorbachev, and it was not completed until the installation of Barack Hussein Obama.

Continue this with Woodward was in the Bush sphere, and this is why Woodward went soft on Bush43 on the war. If you recall, George W. Bush allowed Teddy Kennedy carte blanche to write the education bill. The best friend of Teddy Kennedy in the Senate was Orin Hatch, who has now shown his true liberal colors after snookering Mark Levin to get Levin's help in neutralizing the Tea Party against Hatch in his re election.
Hatch wrote the Obamatrade Law, which Boehner and the GOP pushed. These groups are all interconnected and sometimes rivals.

The forensic psychology of Birther Hussein and the image have always been to destroy all those things which Bush43 championed, and to establish those things which Bush43 fought against. ISIS is a psychotic episode of the image of Obama. Obama and the image in Benghazi ANALGATE built IS from the ground up to this protected terror network, working for 1600 Penn Avenue policy. The targets are all Bush associates and allies in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

So you get this, the Obama regime is the sponsor of the very group which the Bush Doctrine lured into Iraq to destroy, and did defeat it thoroughly. The very leftists who Stan Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama championed, are what ISIS is. None of this was any accident. This IS group was used to install Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid into power, along with making the Bush victory drag out, so Birther Hussein would be installed into power twice. This IS is now the group making war on Saudi Arabia in Yemen and making war on Jordan in Syria, as well as making war inside Syria and Iraq dismantling them.

IS was birthed in 2003 AD in the year of our Lord, to attack the American Right for the American left, and in the Obama Benghazi years, IS was unleashed to attack right wing regimes in the Mideast, for their political dictatorships.

Granted Dowd is not intelligent enough nor adept mentally enough, nor is the New York Times, to know that the very trail of evidence they were harping about as a gleeful short term weapon against George W. Bush, would be seized by their Obama regime, and resurrected in what appeared to everyone out of nowhere.

Did you see any of this in the New York Times or Maureen Dowd columns, alerting the public just where this mysterious IS arose from for the Obama regime? Not  a word and these Mockingbird liberals are not suffering from dementia. Dowd wrote on page 387 of Bushworld in 2003 of IS operatives, and knew of how their effort caused the mass election of their Democrats, including one newcomer in Barack Hussein Obama of Chicago Illinois, via Muslim Indonesia.

You do recall World Net Daily reports from Aaron Klein revealing that the Obama operatives were promising the Philistines of Gaza and the West Bank nation status, and how Col. Khadaffi, the dope cartel in Lebanon, and a host of other terror donors from the Mideast, donated to the Obama 2008 campaign from 200 to 300 million dollars in counterfeit funds as was exclusively covered here.
The same hundreds of millions which TARP bailed out in secret and Americans were stuck making terror money good............and this bail out of terrorists, brought on the payback of the Obama regime sponsoring IS in breathing it to life again in those former nationalist Muslim countries of Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The finest of weapons and intelligence promotes IS. It was revealed here that IS was firing 223 M 16 ammunition in Iraq at Iraqi's  This Lake City ammo is in short supply due to Obama soaking up all production in there billion round buy of ammo, to drive up prices so Americans would be void of ammunition.
The smoking gun in this is the Obama regime is arming IS with exclusive American ammunition.

I informed Uncle David Rockefeller that the thread of Barack Obama would unravel all of this, and the unintelligent Maureen Dowd in pillow talk was recording all of this intelligence information to get at George W. Bush, but her natterings are providing the evidence of the genesis of Obama crimes.

Once again a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.