Monday, June 22, 2015

Face Book Embeds Spyware

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been updating my old towers for service online, not having any
help from you richtards not donating.

I mentioned the Minnesota tower I purchased years ago on Face Book, and
back in the day, I could not get AVG free virus, but I happened upon
another European program called Avira, with a little red umbrella.
As I was updating this gem tonight, a Star Trek type radar type beacon
sound kept going on....each time I was surfing to a Face Book page.

I was not logged in, and I was doing some personal research, but Avita
kept activating in this old anti viral program on Face Book, as it was
tracking a script which is viral imbedded on Face Book.

I have not had the time to figure out if this is just the German /
Scandinavians retaliating for all that Edward Snowden revelations or if
Face Book screwed up in their Homeland connections, as this is a very
old program I am running, and it lit up when coming into contact with
Face Book.
Avira nullified it and the script keeps showing up in Firefox with
warnings if it should be debugged or not.

It was the first time I have noted Zuckerberg being sloppy, and it has
implications if someone was sending me a message or if I just happened
upon a glitch in the system of the spyware which all of these regime
paid for sites embed into your computers.

I had forgotten how much I liked Avira. I like it a great deal more now
in this program spotted something which all of the other programs have
been programmed to ignore.

Nuff said.