Monday, June 22, 2015

Real Americans are all Confederates


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

1, 086,979 Americans died, were captured or were never found in the Civil war. Of that number, 490, 309 were from the Confederate States of America, fighting under their own State Flags and their National Flag.

The Confederate Flag of these United States joined to State's Rights is a Flag of Honor, as much as the Don't Tread on Me Flag of the Revolution.

The Lame Cherry has highlighted the high crimes of Abraham Lincoln and his generals, from scorched earth, exile and hanging Americans without trial, all in desperate attempts to win a war, which numbers of Union Officers sided with the Confederates while fighting for the Union.

It disgusts me, whatever you might believe is the real cause behind the assassination of Clementa Pickney and other blacks, that his has all become another Obama regime "legacy" thing. The image of Obama has degraded a mass murder into political leverage for undermining the Second Amendment further and for hanging another trophy on the Obama legacy wall of getting that South Carolina Confederate Flag down.

As black liberal Cornel West noted, Obama is the first niggerized President. That is the fact and it is the reality that Obama has played into every stereotype of black slovenity, shiftlessness and getting jiggy. Blacks tied their identity to this Obama image, and their entire race has been let down, because the only time image Obama mentions blacks is as some political tool, and it always involves something like dead black males in violence or Michelle making childhood fiction that she was dodging gangs of blacks in Chicago.

I support the Confederate Flag as Americans fought bravely for that Flag.  There is nothing evil about her. There is only the typical liberal politics of hate again seeking to exorcise some ghost it has decided would look good on their historical legacy propaganda in making Americans take down more of their identity.

The finest of Americans fought for the Rights of that Flag in individuals and states were pre eminent in the Constitution in the 10th Amendment, and only the Federal Government had powers granted to it, not perpetually, but by trust of the People.

Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart, John Mosby, Jesse James, all were men of honor who fought for the rights of all Americans. They lost that war and the reality is, America lost, but nowhere in any Union mandates was there ever the demand that the Confederate Flag be vanquished or removed. That is a modern demand by..........well illegitimate foreigners like Birther Hussein Obama's image, as this is just one more of his 'legacy list' contrivances, that it Michelle can preen over with that ludicrous Nobel Prize.

Frankly in solidarity, all American states should vote to fly the Confederate Flag for what she is, the People's Rights over Federal Granted Limited Authority.

This Flag was not about slavery or uncivilized Africans in America, nor was the Civil War. The Africans as this blog exclusively has proven were going to be shipped by Mr. Lincoln to South America to build the canal, if he had survived, even with emancipation.

So God bless the American Flag which the backers of Barack Hussein Obama in Tom Daschle voted to piss on, shit on and burn to ashes, and God bless the Confederate American Flag which the backers of image Obama are for taking away, just like the Obama executive orders, Obamacare and Obamatrade are all for taking away American  Constitutional Rights.

So help us God, as there is none to stand and deliver us from all of this heinous evil.

Real Americans are all Confederates in completely being loyal to a Republican form of Government in which all the People retain all the Rights, except those rationed to the Federal System.

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