Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to create a Dylan Storm Roof


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In the code files, there is proof that the infamous three name assassins who keep popping up in Mockingbird Media, are exhibits of known test subjects in CIA MKULTRA files. Read the account of Deputy United States Federal Marshall Wayne Ritchie of San Francisco.

The evening he was exposed to LSD, Ritchie began to act erratically and felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety and worthlessness. After having an argument with his girlfriend in which she said she wanted to move away from San Francisco, Ritchie armed himself with his government-issued service revolvers and tried to get the money for a plane ticket by robbing a bar in the Fillmore District. During the robbery attempt, someone at the bar knocked Ritchie out, and by the time he regained consciousness, police officers were already there to arrest him.

The CIA agent who does Officer Ritchie and others in California, stated this:

In a sworn deposition given as part of the lawsuit Ritchie later filed, Ira Feldman, a CIA agent involved in the MKULTRA program, explained the manner in which he observed the unknowing citizens he had drugged with LSD: “You just sit back away and let them worry, like this nitwit, Ritchie,” he said, before going on to acknowledge that Ritchie’s dosage was “a full head” and that Ritchie was targeted because he “deserved to suffer.” 

Have you bothered to ask yourself in the Mockingbird stories you have before you on the assassination of Clementa Pickney, just who was it with everyone who was dead, just happened to "hear Roof saying things" and how exactly was it they knew of his car and license number if all the witnesses in this black Church were dead?

I desire you to think about his, in Roof is said to have murdered EIGHT adults in Charleston. It is hard enough for someone to murder Obama's gay black sex partner Donald Young in Chicago, in having to tap him eight times, little alone this many adults being shot, and none of them apparently attempted to run away in being a moving target for a young male, who is on psychiatric drugs, and has not had any extensive firearms training shooting and handling high powered loads.

Did you notice that in Ritchie's case, that he too had the police waiting for him. You know how long it requires to have the police appear in any situation. In the same reality, Roof who has just supposedly murdered eight adults, is off driving around in another state.
The sniper shooting case in Texas had the same bizarre storyline which made absolutely no sense beyond the insane person scenario.

Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead rock band is on record stating that he blundered into being a test subject of MKULTRA. His memories of it, revealed that he was being administered some very high octane psychedelic drugs. These drugs were literally not available until two years after Hunter was tested with them.

One can comprehend in the connect the dots, that this entire societal reformation project was administered by the CIA, against the population, in drugs were indeed dumped onto the streets to create the counter culture.

There is proof in this in Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, the Joseph Mengele of Canada and the United States. Cameron was funded by the Rockefeller family and operated out of Canada and Albany New York. His process in the 1950's was the basis of MKULTRA, but I desire you to read something which was common knowledge in what Cameron was up to.
In noting the quote of societal transformation, the CIA proper was involved in this project to extract information from people in the 1950's. What it became as a weapon against the West though was the stuff of the counter revolution.

Those Germans affected by the events that led to World War II were of utmost concern. Cameron's concerns extended to his policies determining who should have children and/or advance to positions of authority. According to Cameron's psychiatric analysis of the German people, they were not suitable to have children or hold positions of authority because of a genetic tendency to organize society in a way that fostered fearsome aggression and would lead to war rather than peace; he would repeatedly use the German as the archetypal character structure on which to ground the most psychologically deviant humans.

One sees in Cameron's work, the framework of what was unleashed upon Americans in transforming it from a heterosexual, moral, God fearing, normal culture to the sodomite Obama deviancy of the 21st century. Cameron used sensory deprivation, electric shock, psychedelic drugs and radio waves. While his tests on ignorant subjects was mixed, he did achieve results in having people forget their parents, and thinking their tormentors were their parents. That is an outstanding memory transfer.

For the reality of Dylan Storm Roof, we know the reality that Google and Facebook track every move humans make now. Take a photo of wearing a Rhodesian jacket and that is a red flare that Roof was to be an Obamachurian candidate.

The following is inquiry:

Roof was the lone subject in this case. No one else was initiated to deal with the Clementa Pickney assassination. There are though other Carolinians who are subjects for other activations.

There were four minders on scene for the shooting, meaning federal employees who were proxy to administrating this action.

Roof was focused upon when his psychiatric drug prescriptions were logged. Roof fit a pattern and was processed using radio frequency conditioning to gain the results at the Church.

The work of Dr. Cameron was built upon by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb who administered the CIA's TSS or Technical Services Staff. Gottlieb understood the effects of LSD on interrogation, but desired to expand it to use on public figures to embarrass them in public.
The dosing of CIA agents by fellow agents had become so widespread, that the agency was highly concerned about how unhinged everyone was becoming.
In the San Francisco area,  George White, head of Operation Midnight Climax, of the US Bureau of Narcotics, administered a "safe house" which the neighbors in the community complained extensively about, as constantly "men with guns in shoulder holsters were seen chasing half naked women about the premises."

LSD was the archaic drug type, which could produce insane behavior for 8 to 18 hours. The next generation which built upon the psychiatric infusion to western society, brought about the drugs which would produce the various Columbine Effects, in which for gun control laws in disarming Americans, a literal spike of children shooting up schools took place with these same drugs, and just as quickly stopped. The drugs were not pulled from use, but the triggering agents were in these operations.

In the Obama years, there have been selective incitement of singular isolated subjects. Dylan Storm Roof, fits this persona as much as the shooter of Gabrielle Giffords.

What are the red flags of the Roof Operation, was the Church was too convenient. Clementa Pickney was too convenient, and the appearance of the image of Obama with Joe Biden, twisting this to gun control in the Obama agenda which began in force with Eric Holder in Operation Gun Runner at the start of this regime is the rockets red glare that the Obama legacy offered up a black Church to get exactly the politics the legacy demands of disarming Americans.

The Obama Birther and image, have had an extreme prejudice against the English and against the state of South Carolina in this instance. That Confederate Flag is something which is obsessed about, and is part of this contingency of this operation.

Ponder the words of Roof in what he had rehearsed. This is a male who came into the Church, sat there for some time in a Bible study and then began the rampage as if triggered.

"I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go."

Roof had to do it? His triggers are chivalry in women and country. That is easily a matter to create an MKULTRA trigger in the human mind. What is interesting though is Roof's reported manifesto, focused not on Pickney, but on Charleston being a historic center in South Carolina. Yet in the reports which followed, he deliberately sat down by Pickney in targeting the Senator.

The appearance of this is a reality of a man who has been mind conditioned to focus on those things which emotionally trigger him, and the real target is hidden in the grey matter, and Roof was unaware of the real purpose he was dispatched upon.

You must realize in all of this, that an Obamachurian is not created. One has an intelligence list of subjects who fit profiles, and then one uses advanced methods to condition and trigger that individual or mass population to action.
There is no difference to the electronic spiking of groups of people vulnerable to this in the Obama hysteria which survivors are now wondering, "What the hell was I excited about?", and the conditioning and triggering of a subject like Dylan Storm Roof.

The four minders followed Roof after the completion of his operation into a neighboring state and made certain that his trail was found by authorities. There was one dark SUV.

....and for the explanation of why the blacks did not flee as Roof was loading this 45 caliber Glock five times? The same electronic signal which kept Roof on course, also was dulling the senses and reactions of the blacks in that Church to submit to the process.