Sunday, June 21, 2015

Victims of Obama.......I mean Charleston


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found this post online and it infuriates me, as the word "victim" is the worst classification any human can be put into.




The reason being a victim is a worse slur than calling anyone a Nigger or Cracker is that being a victim, you will note, NEVER INCLUDES THE PERSON FIGHTING BACK. A victim is someone who is abused and keeps taking the abuse.

So while the whiners who wrote this piece are trying to gain sympathy for the dead in Charleston, the reality is, they did correctly define all of these dead Afroids, because they suffered from a circumstance and did not have sense to run for their lives.

The dead in Charleston were willingly tricked by the Obama regime and swindled out of their rights to keep and bear arms to defend themselves.

The caption in this photo was about these people feasting with Angels in Heaven now that they are dead. OK let us have a little life review in this.

All of these people were democrats. All of these blacks voted for Obama......same Obama who blasphemed the name of Christ in saying he was the messiah. Same Obama pictured with a halo on his head blaspheming Sainthood, and same Obama who booted Jesus off the Christmas tree.

This group of dead people made Obama an object of idol worship and enabled the image of Obama to boot Jesus out of 1600 Penn Avenue, destroy God's America by sodomizing it in obliterating God's Commandment of marriage being one man and one woman. So let us review this in asking, if your god is the regime handing out welfare checks that your worship and your messiah is Obama, who mandates abominations for the people.........just how does sitting in a historical Church, negate all of that sin, when you have discarded Jesus completely?

These blacks are all dead, because when Frederick Douglas the Republican agitator, took the children of Lincoln's emancipation, and delivered them to Martin Luther King jr., he handed that group over to democrats for exploitation, in enslaving them again to the welfare state.

The Afroid disarms black communities for the establishment, and the black is exploited for welfare laundering to dope sales, pimping  their people out. That is the reality, as much as if one Afroid had been armed in this Church, one Afroid had been an American who voted Conservative, instead of using Christianity as some kind of "hallelujah dope fix" to jive about the pew, this entire group would be alive.

Let us get something straight in this, these Afroids were in South Carolina, home of the States Rights Rebellion, led by Democrats who owned slaves.....these people's relatives, and these Afroids are all about Obama wiping out State and Individual Rights all based in the democratic party they are enslaved by.

So all of these people were and are victims. That was their choice and being an Obama voter got them killed by the Obama state. Only Jesus really knows if these folks are in Heaven, but given the Grand Jury testimony of, you voted for a foreign usurper in Obama, Obama got rid of Jesus, Obama made hisself the messiah, and Obama puts halos on his head.......that all sounds like these folks are dining with another set of angels not in Heaven as they were following the father of lies.

Harsh reality really grips the heart in fairy tale fabrications as we all want to find something good in this. But there was nothing good in Charleston, as these are the people who will answer for following willingly the image of Obama which removed Jesus from America and replaced it all with halo hole sodomy.

Someone has to speak the Gospel of Jesus the Christ about the Kingdom of God, and it appears it is only being spoken here. It was not the Gospel of Obama the messiah and the kingdom of welfare that gets you into Heaven.

Nuff said.