Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Intellectual Ilk

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reason  I make a point of reminding people of names like Maureen Dowd, John Fogerty and Peggy Noonan, all Obama voters like Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, along with those like Mark Levin who would not push impeachment as this would interfere with Big Koch's bribes from Obama, is so you never forget the blood of hundreds of thousands of people are on these people's hands.
It is not going to suffice in the time to come in their being like Stevie Nicks telling David Letterman that Bill Clinton was not ready to be President, when Clinton or Obama would not have been in the White House if not for these ignorant leftish trash.

I know all of this is a rehash of what most of you are aware of, but I desire to add to your knowledge base as it is important for you to have new facts in order to deal with 2016 and other elections, because this same intellectual ilk, is the Mockingbird Yellow Journalism investigating Marco Rubio's driving citations at the New York Times..while Jeb Bush is their inside man on the Right who is feeding them information, until they turn on him for Hamrod.

I start with this Dowd quote, quoting another egg head in Roger Morris who wrote the Nixon biography. In the Times, Morris recorded this gem in protecting Saddam Hussein.

"Forty years ago, the CIA, under President John F. Kennedy, conducted its own regime change in Baghdad, carried out in collaboration  with Saddam Hussein."

- Roger Morris

Now return to the reality of this time, America had been attacked in 2001 AD in the year of our Lord, but by March 16th, 2003 AD in the year of our Lord, Dowd and her cartel Mockingbird crew were chanting the Obama mantras of going into Iraq was wrong to liberate it.

Consider historical reality in Dowd and Obama's own damnation. Without any American reason at all to be involved, John Kennedy overthrew the Iraqi Government. It was just peachy for JFK to do this according to liberals without America having suffered massive attacks on a 9 11 from Muslims, but it was evil for George W. Bush to do the same thing with reason, in attempting to change Muslim culture from the camel age to the car age in making them more feminist and therefore less terror like....even if it was Jimmy Carter and Zbignew Brzezinski who funded Militant Islam in a war against the Soviets.

Yet in Obama, these same intellectual ilk, gave the Birther carte blanche to turn to Government change in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and yes, the Ukraine.
All of which are now either terror centers or nuclear friction points with the Russians.

This is the reality George W. Bush was damned for his actions in order to stabilize a 9 11 terror world in American favor, but Birther Hussein has been praised and given silent affirmation for creating and managing a new terror group called IS, using Libyan arms to arm these terrorists, murdering thousands of people, and who is blamed but Vladimir Putin for drawing a line in the sand in Syria in stopping another invasion there.

The Bush Advisers in Richard Cheney, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby and Donald Rumsfeld have all been vindicated in being correct on domestic and foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice have created the slaughter of Americans in Benghazi, the slaughter of 100,000 Syrians, the Isalmic State doing propaganda beheadings and art sale deals to the elite, and let us not forget partitioning Sudan for oil and gems, with the castration, rape and slaughter of children there.

This is the web of choices which Maureen Dowd, Charlie Rose and this entire caste who have told us the Clinton's were brilliant and Obama was the most brilliant messiah ever, while George W. Bush was an idiot.
Look at the cover, the RACIST COVER of Mo Dowd's Bushworld and you will see George Bush as a chimp with guns. All of these John Fogerty types did all they could from Nancy Pelosi exploiting that deranged Cindy Sheehan to tear down George W. Bush, so they could steal power, and the result is this blood and gore image of Barack Hussein Obama, backed by the Chamber of Commerce GOP selling out Americans to Obamatrade.

The blood is on the hands of Maureen Dowd for every dead child and every dead person in this world, as this is her Obama who she rode to sodden glory.

Yes George W. Bush was attacked for "going it alone" in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he had nations with him. Where are the Obama nations in all of his upheaval? Obama now has Saudi Arabia blowing up Yemen, Jews treating ISIS terrorists and Jordan bombing Syria.

This is the Intellectual Ilk and it will fester and plague 2016. Some of them are rubbing old communist Bernie Sander's leg, as they hate Clinton minder Hamrod in her crimes. Then there is propping up Jebus Bush who is nothing but Obama in the brush, until they decide to rail against him like they did John McCain.

Dead children, raped children, murdered children, rotting unburied children, tortured children are on the hands of Maureen Dowd who accused George W. Bush of being wrong, but when her Obama or whatever completes actions 1000 times worse, she silently assents to it all like so many burkah babe terrorists in Islam.

Guilty is what each of them is with the mass murderer Barack Hussein Obama. They will not get to say Obama was not ready and make that their excuse. These intellectual ilk are responsible for Obama and all of these dead children.

Nuff said