Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This is Nuclear Sodomy Discomforting

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is what America has in charge of the Obama Nuclear Weapons and it is troubling to comprehend that a person this stupid is in charge of more than peeling potatoes. Then again his photo says 1000 words of moron.

Lieutenant General Stephen Wilson, commander of US Global Air Strike Command

The reality is Lieutenant General Stephen Wilson, commander of US Global Air Strike Command, has a complaint about "Russia annexing another country" and that Russia is speaking out in it's own interests, so this has the light general confused.

Let me review this and advise Stephen Wilson, the Obama anal commander of nuclear thrusts, on a few historic things.

When Vladimir Putin knocked out of the air, the Polish Patriots in charge of that Government, in killing them all, and Obama did nothing, as it was part of a deal in turning over Eastern Europe to Russia.....do you think that probably sent a message to a former KGB leader that America was not interested in Reagan moralism, but in Obama feudalism?

How about Obama having the Egyptian President put in a cage for a trial? How about Obama having Col. Khadaffi murdered and annexing Libya? How about the US military mass droning all the Muslim leaders who would not be dope lords for Obama? How about Obama blowing up Syria another Russian Ally?

How about Obama toppling the Ukraine Government which supported Moscow, and put into power Nazis?

How about Obama putting military advanced systems on the Russian border with full intent to intimidate Moscow?

Odd is it not, when these realities appear, that it is not Moscow which is the aggressor and why Russia is a little tense over being bullied by Obama?

Then again Stephen Wilson has Obama sodom shit for brains in missing historical reality in Russia annexed no country nor territory. Russia accepted Crimeans voting to join Russia, just like Texas voted to join the United States and all 50 States there voted for.

Once again, this is what image Obama chose to take control of the massive nuclear arsenal not yet depleted by the Obama regime.. Someone this stupid, this unaware, this unconscious of diplomatic morality and ......just another sick brained Obama voter turned loose on the world.

In America someone like Stephen Wilson is termed, SHIT FOR BRAINS.