Friday, June 26, 2015

Jeb to W.......or to Win

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above photo is just more proof that Jeb Bush hates intelligence. In that the Lame Cherry had no problem serving Birther Hussein Obama......and you will recall that Birther Hussein did very well in the polls, and only started to plummet once he stopped following this popular girl's advice.

In that, I intend to lay out the Jeb Bush campaign for 2016 victory as I help everyone, especially when they are so blessed inept at running a campaign is embarrassing.

Jeb  Bush should change his name to Jaf Bush, for Just a Fool, as that is what he is. His handlers had him off whoring for money and dropping in the polls........taking these Columba political views on being pro beaner and having Jungle Fever for Obama. Basically, this kind of stuff gets you elected in Pope Mexico.....and the Pater is now exercising Mexico of you know how crowded it is down there for the devil.

I digress.

Jeb has problems and he has to fix them from Just a Fool to Jamming Everybody Back.......that fits Jeb, and this is how it starts.

No one on the right trust Jeb Bush. So he needs to send out his best asset in George W. Bush. Yes it is going to take George W. to get Jeb close enough to steal the election from Hillary.
George needs to send out Laura. She is gorgeous, has big knockers and reminds people how damn old and scraggy Muchelle Obama and Hamrod Clinton are. No white folks want to look at Mexican Midget send out Laura to white bread America and those darkie holes too who lust after hot American women.

Back to George. George has to go to his Jesus confession again. He did it for Poppy HW and he has to convince the Religious Right Evangelists, that while Jeb is a Vatican satanist, that George will pray for his soul and with Rex Reed or that Ralph Reed joining in, Jeb is the prodigal who will come home.....pray with Franklin Graham and things like that.
George can firm up the vote with NRA, know Americans. The people that Jeb hates and wants to replace with foreigners.

Did I mention that this Presidential campaign knowledge is not costing Jeb millions of dollars in suits who do not know shit from shinola?

Jeb needs to leave the other bushites home though. Those twins of George and Laura are more leftwing than Chelsea enough of that in Jeb, so here is the download on that.

Jeb has a stealth weapon in not Columbo in Peter Falk, but that midget he is married to. Jeb needs to send her out all Mexican to all those enclaves in America with two big ass Mexican mafia body gaurds to black panther Obama scare the bajebus into them to vote for know like Obama did with Afroids.
Columba just needs to tell them, that ICE is going to be Jeb's tool, and if the Mexicans do not vote for Jeb, Jeb is going to have that broom handle up their asses in 2017 AD when he wins. Mexicans get stuff like that as that is what happens in their prisons and in playtime.

You remember Jorge right? The big toothed kid that once was handsome, but now looks like.......well not handsome. You send the two brownskins out in tandem to wow the chicas and to threaten the males to vote for Jeb.........not all threats though, promise them like New Mexico as a new homeland for them government land, everyone on a don and know stuff that gets lost in the translation.

Columba and Jorge bring home the Mexican vote in stealth by whatever means it takes.

Now you got Jeb out know he has that 25% ceiling that he can not break through. So you send Karl Rove out to all those fag billionaires for funding and whatever else Jeb will bend over know those non existent liberals who he and Rand Paul are constantly whining about in "needing to appeal to them" when it is all about dragging the GOP into Sodom? Yeah now you got it........send Jeb out to.......well areas where he can look Putin.
You know what I mean.....have him saving bambi........gunning some cigar boat........all that shit that liberals love to hate but lust after. Do not let Jeb talk allot.......just have him look manly. Not too hard, put him in front of great American epitaphs like Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain Georgia......but you got to get him on the talking points here are his talking points.

1. We have had enough Obama war expansion as that is not what my Brother George ever intended. I will bring peace and prosperity to you.

2. There is a responsibility for immigration reform, not pardoning, not slave labor for big business which buys the GOP and not vote fraud which has democrats steal elections. (See telling the truth gets peoples attention and they already believe it.)

3. It is about time like when my Poppy HW was getting oil soakers to pay for things, that America gets a Biblical 10% cut out of the oil being pumped out of Muslim lands.

4. This Hillary reset with Putin and this Obama pissing on Putin stops with me. I intend to work with President Putin over the issues dividing us, for mutual solutions and for their markets as well as ours in eastern Europe. I look for a military free eastern Europe.

5. Terrorism is a waste of money. America has tried to reform the area and Obama has had an open hand, for financial reason, I make this point in America desires stability, but if any more 9 11 attacks take place, America will economically deploy the neutron bomb to end the problem.

6. I love the Israeli state.

The only Bush who ever won anything was W. He is the key in this in winning this for his baby bro.

The campaign slogan would be, "The problem is not Big Government, but Hillary in charge of Big Obama government control".

This should about end the elect Jeb for 2016........except in having Carumba and Jorge, you don't need Taco Cruz or Beano Rubio. So you probably should not have Allen West as VP as people are all blacked out by that Designer Negro Obama. Best to go with some skirt..........that Yahoo Carly Fiorina or maybe that Nicki Haley out of the Carolina's to grab ass female votes from Hillary.
See you want some hot chic to show lesbians how crusty Hillary's old snatch is and to appeal to males who want to "sarah palin" her.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in how Jeb Bush wins 2016 easily........W for the Win. That is a clever little campaign slogan for George and Laura to tell the Americans for them all to get a good laugh we never will forget Terri Shiavo.

Oh and for Terri Schiavo the answer is, it was more merciful than rationed death from Obamacare.

See when you Lee Atwater throw it all down this is all easy.......I can grind Jeb, Hillary or anyone I am Inspired to in mincemeat. I know the nuance of every throw of the dice to make anyone believe anything........that is what is missing in these little turds do not know their shit and the Charmins they are using to wipe their asses in their handlers are nothing but over priced shit heads.

Ok you fag billionaires.........I saved your boy's ass, now get on that donate button and put out the 500,000 dollar donation as this is the big time.