Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jael's Time


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog gives voice to the downtrodden and it must be stated what all of us feel, when Chief Justice on the Supreme Court, betrays his party in the Republicans and Conservatives, as much as his President in George W. Bush, when John Roberts takes up the roll of traitor to the Constitution in cementing the unConstitutional Obamacare on Americans again like nails driven through their breasts in crucifying them.

Americans have been raped politically, psychologically and emotionally for an entire generation. The last week of June in 2015 witnessed another degradation of their corpse in the American Republic in first there was a regime attack on the Second Amendment over events in South Carolina in the murdering of blacks, and then the witch hunt skinned the Southern American alive in demanding their Confederate Flag be removed.
This Flag is a symbol of Southern Heritage and it is right for those People. When the cartel appears again to degrade Americans in attacking their identity, it is deliberate and it is meant to genocide those people as much as Lincoln's generals in the Civil War carried out a scorched earth policy.

It is a given that sodomy will be upheld by the Robert's court, along with more rapine of good Americans in their souls. All of this is something which feels like a saber cut, slicing into the hearts of Americans who love their nation. It is the same burning razor cut inside of them which does not end. It bleeds daily for each of them, and if they speak out they are branded evil and under Homeland surveillance, and if they act out, they will be murdered as enemies of the state and be made examples of, to cow the rest of the brooding mob.

It requires stating that the Feudal Few of the elite enjoy the power of control over millions of people who are now so disenfranchised in Big Government has made the culprits who have murdered America and are sodomizing the corpse so distant, that there is no recourse. The leviathan is protected by the police state which is fed by the monster which has consumed America.
The cartel would enjoy an insurrection to put down to be able to unleash the weapons of genocide as Abraham Lincoln wished to do in the Civil War, but the Europeans in that saga instigated by them, would not permit him to murder Americans as these Confederates were designated Warriors and not Traitors.

America is now a land of traitors in every position of authority is inhabited by those who have betrayed America and sold her out. It can be John Boehner in Obamatrade for his global Chamber of Commerce or Nancy Pelosi and unions getting a back door bribe to stand aside after they held up Obamatrade.

It is all the same and it is all traitorous.

People ask me from time to time what can be done. The answer is nothing except to let the cartel destroy America as they intend by their conduit image of Obama and the proxies. All you can do is remember and as the Bible says, "Talk quietly amongst yourselves in noting the heinous sin in how much it rips you apart?, as there is a God in Heaven who hears all and will rise by His means to Judge this evil which is real and wipe it away.

The signs of Deuteronomy 28 in the curses have engulfed America and most of the West. America is in another crop disaster year, and it is being hidden from all. The debt, the ownership of America by foreigners, the invasion of illegals to the barren wombs and how the love of all is waxing cold are all signs of God moving in this in the curse is upon America.

The world is a place which operates in drought, famine, pestilence with disease, and then comes war. America is experiencing all of these phases, and it is for a time in which you remember the  traitors now, that in a time when a Revolutionary Robes Pierre system will arise, even more pronounced than 1776 AD in the year of our Lord, in which each of you is going to have the opportunity in the survivors in avenging your dead.

You have to figure this out my children and my brats. Each of you is burying or going to bury your loved ones due to Obamacare killing them. Each of you is going to know rape from foreigners and their murder, and rapine to be familiar with it. Each of you is going to feel the jack boot of the Police State on your necks humiliating you. You are going to catalogue all of this, and when the time of cleansing comes, there is not going to be quarter in America, nor in Paris of the culprits of this nor their offspring, exactly the way it always has been in this world.

The Jews were sold out by their elders to the Nazi, and after the tables turned, new elders arose to hunt the Nazis they could get down and they killed them. Everything evens out, and for those who are so smug in having a Police State protecting their homocide and homicide of America, are going to have a time when it may be Vladimir Putin opening a front somewhere and in that anarchy, the Committees of Conscience are going to start administrating Justice, in the same way Eastern Europeans were cheering when the German Nazi rounded up the Communist Ashkenaz and shot them all for abusing the Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian etc... What comes around, goes around.

There are people now and will soon be burying their dead in these John Robert's treachery against America, as much as the John Boehner treachery. There is enough treachery in the Clintons who wiped out Unions in their tenure to make this all a patrician establishment mass crime. It does not matter if it is in Germany, Denmark, England, France or Norway. All of these plotted overthrows of legitimate peoples are by design and each of these peoples are feeling exactly like you in having this jagged saber sawing and resawing into their souls every day.....and they are bleeding like you in pain.

The cartel knows this and expects the triggered like Dylan Roof to act out, so more draconian measures can be made example of the one to cow the masses to bow to the globalist rule.  You though have the power like the people in Fahrenheit 451 who memorized books and carried them around in their minds, when all the books were burned by the state.

You will remember and when the opening of a revolution appear again, you will be reminded of all that was done to you and then as history proves, the survivors will implement their own Justice. Somewhere in this, is an event called the Great Tribulation which the forces of nature in revulsion are unleashed in vials of wrath to wipe out billions of humans.............and in that no one at Homeland is going to be putting Jesus on a watchlist and hauling the King of kings and Lord of lords into some kangaroo court.

Be patient my children, call to the Father to remind Him of all of your sorrows. Do not get caught in the trap of the state nor in the lust of Lot enjoying Sodom's luxury too much. These abominable leaders are given for that is what the majority lusted after in removing Jesus, acting out in perversion and aborting America and the West. They are recorded for the Judgment of Christ.

I am not Rush Limbaugh minding you to wait for new elections to rob you of rights and make you a criminal, what I am saying is REMEMBER. Remember for a time, you are patiently waiting for in Christ. History proves it will come, and it will either be by a Revolutionary Court like in the Ohio Frontier of Theodore Roosevelt's Winning of the West,  or it will be the Great Tribulation followed by Jesus.
Those who are raping you and leaving these gashes in your soul will have this all multiplied by the assaulted and dead they are accumulating.

Be ye angry and sin not. Do not fall into the trap of acting out like a Barabbas. Wait for the earthquake in Hope and Peace in the Lord Jesus Christ, and know the war is coming, as the crop failures, invasions, terrorism and disease is already coming true.

Wait for the Gideon, Phineas and Jael time. God is recording all of this. Be patient for the years ahead and do not criminalize yourselves by your feelings now in being abused.