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JebUS Bush Foreign Policy


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You can tell a great deal about people. Bill Clinton never abandoned his idiot brother Roger, no more than Jimmy Carter never abandoned his idiot brother Billy. Yet when it came to Jeb Bush being under pressure over the sound policy of President George W. Bush liberating Iraq, Jebus Bush did not have his brother's back, and actually agreed with Obama policy blunder of stating he would not go into Iraq.

This is a legitimate study of what Jeb Bush's foreign policy will be, because it matters for the 2016 AD primaries. Jeb Bush is not a Ronald Reagan and he certainly is not a George W. Bush.

Who Jeb Bush is, is his grandfather's son, in Prescott who his son is named for in Jorge P. Bush, and is his father's son, in George H. W. Bush.

What does this mean?

It means that in Iraq, there was the inner circle of George H. W. Bush, who were the same crew who spread poison politics against Conservative Dan Quayle, poison politics against Conservative President Ronald Reagan, and who on the Iraq War II build up, took the side of old Europe and  the very policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This is all in historical print and is recorded in the most boring of writing by Maureen Dowd in BUSHWORLD. Dowd is boring when she tries to be funny and Dowd is boring when she attempts to be an intellectual. She does record reality in statements though:

Brent Scowcroft of Bush41 penned a poison letter against George W. Bush in the Wall Street Journal in the August 18th, 2002 time frame.

"In the Journal, Mr. Scowcroft, one of the team that drew that fateful line in the sand a decade ago, ticked off all the reasons why invading Iraq makes no sense: it would jeopardize, and maybe destroy, our global campaign against terrorism; it would unite the Arab world against us; it would require us to stay there forever; it would force Saddam to use the weapons against us or Israel."

Brent Scowcroft via Maureend Dowd

Let us review this then in what the astute Bush41 team predicted.

Did the liberation of Iraq destroy the war on terrorism? Not in the least. The Bush43 campaign of Shock and Awe so terrified the sponsors of terrorism, that China, Russia, Iran etc... were forced to IED warfare and that too was countered.
Thee only threat to America was the subterfuge of Dowd and her clique, with the Bush41 Rockefellers, along with Nancy Pelosi undermining President George W. Bush in the Cindy Sheehan campaign in using this lunatic mother who had a son killed in the war, which literally emboldened the terrorists and caused more problems for America.

Did it unite the Arab world against us? Not in the least.

Did it require America to stay in Iraq forever? Not in the least, as Bush43 stablilized Iraq, but Birther Hussein made a premature pull out, which has now caused a civil war in Iraq.

Did it force Saddam to use WMD's against America? Not in the least. It was a covert message from the Bush Administration that if any nuclear weapons appeared in America, or any WMD's were used against America or allies, that nuclear scorched earth would be the response to Muslim lands.
The reality is Saddam Hussein flew his one nuclear Soviet Satan warhead out to Russia at the start of the war, and the other biological and chemical weapons were flown or truck convoyed to Syria.

So in review of this, Brent Scowcroft and the Bush41 boys were all absolutely flat ass wrong, along with being political traitors to America in giving Saddam aid and comfort.

Let us though continue on in the Dowd landscrape of yellow dung journalism in her attack upon Sec. of State, General Alexander Haig who was an advocate of liberating Iraq in the same August 18th, 2002 AD in the year of our Lord time frame.

"As crazy  Al Haig said Sunday on Fox, Bush 43 'has to be careful of the old gang. These are the people that created the problems in the first place by not handling Saddam Hussein correctly.....I'm talking about the previous administration and their spokesman, Jim Baker, Scowcroft, and a very wise daddy who's not talking at all and he shouldn't."
Al Haig via Maureen Dowd

Let us review this historically in Gulf War I and Gulf War II. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait over oil drilling, he did so when Bush41 officials told Saddam Hussein that what he did in the region was his own business. It was not baiting Saddam Hussein, but a reality of another blunder which George H.W. Bush was involved in.
It had to be Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who phoned up George H. W. Bush to warn him not to allow  such naked aggression in this world. It was only by that prodding, that Bush41 began to take action.

When 9 11 took place, President George W. Bush understood completely what was involved and that action had to be undertaken, not simply in Afghanistan alone, but in the Islamic region. It was the work of Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz who deemed it worthy to undertake the democratization of Muslim lands in turmoil.

Hindsight reviews a clever master as the Muslims were much like the French Catholics in the Priests controlling the nation, and what they chose as King was King, and not the Pope. That is the secret of Joan of Arc's campaign, as when the Dauphin was crowned, the Priests all told the masses that their King was Louis and the masses were loyal.
The Muslim is the same, in the mullah decides how the people think and what they are loyal too. Any moderate is not favored by zealot Islam, so democracy elected advocates of terrorism and not diplomacy.

It was not wrong what Bush43 attempted, as it was more humane than nuking the Muslim world.

It is proving wrong what the alternative is in the Obama Open Hand Policy to terrorists, in giving terrorists their own community organized nations. Thee entire Mideast is now in upheaval and breeding more terrorism.

So in effect, Barack Hussein Obama Chin implemented the Bush Baker Scowcroft policy and it has been revealed as absolutely the George H. W. Bush second term, in returning thugs to power on steroids in the image of Obama trying to outbrush the Bush's.

We know that Jeb Bush has stated Americans must be more like Obama in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.  We know that Jeb has sided with Obama and Hillary Clinton over Iraq, in the sphere of Brent Scowcroft and James Baker. We know from public statements that Jeb Bush has finessed his accusations against Birther Hussein and none of them show any depth in the least.
Jeb Bush's mantra has been that Obama has left "violence unopposed".

Jeb Bush Says Obama Has Left "Violence Unopposed." Ask ...
Mother Jones
4 days ago - Bush slammed President Barack Obama and his foreign policy team for failing ... Note Bush's brazen accusation that Obama refuses to oppose violence. ... His death is "the biggest blow against Al Qaeda since the death of bin ...

That is an incorrect assessment of the Obama regime which has been handing over by violence Islamic lands to communists and the Ukraine to Nazi's, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The problem with the Obama regime is that it has been the naked aggressor and instigator disrupting the status quo of the world, as status quo mismanaged by both Bush41 and the Bill and Hillary Clinton tenures at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So what will the world expect from a Jeb Bush foreign policy? It will not mirror Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford nor George W. Bush correct policies, but will instead be a leveraging of allies, attempts to be friendly with enemies, and in short in this global boys club, a form of Obama policy without all the Drone murdering taking place.

Bush41 and associates inherited a world at peace, brought on by Ronald Reagan. Bush41 at the end of the Cold War mismanaged it, in his "peace dividend" in destroying the American arms industry and basically thee entire framework of middle American affluency. What took place in the looting of the broken up Soviet Union took place likewise in America.
The 21st Obama century is not such a place of peace. It is one of Obama turmoil. Four more years of Barack Obama in the Scowcroft image is going to initiate absolutely more friction with President Vladimir Putin endangering Europe, and the China card if played, already has a China which is not going to back America, but is a China already in monetary union with Russia in oil and gas contracts, void of American petro dollars.

JebUS Bush is a reality of Jeb United States Bush, and these factors need to be examined, not in Mother Jones yellow journalism, but in the reality of what you can expect in the cast of characters in the Jeb Bush administration. Do we need more Scowcroft and Baker underlings forming a Prescott liberal and a HW socialist patrician domestic and foreign policy, which is close to what America has been mismanaged by in the Obama regime these illustrious years?
That answer is a resounding NO, but this is the path which Jebus Bush has chosen already.


As one can verify by the Washington Post artwork, there is nothing Reagan nor Conservative in a Jeb Bush foreign policy team.
George Schultz was ostracized by the Reagan Conservatives, and this is who Jeb has made contact with. Placing one Wolfowitz on a team does not equal the lead foreign policy adviser in a Florida Representative in Lincoln Diaz Balart.

Diaz Balart is a Cuban and only a recent transer to the Republican party. His political voting record is moderate, meaning he is an Obama voter.

    Díaz-Balart as well as his immediate family were all members of the Democratic Party. Díaz-Balart was the former president of the Dade County Young Democrats and the Florida Young Democrats, as well as a member of the executive committee of the Dade County Democratic Party. On April 24, 1985, Diaz-Balart along with his wife and brother Mario switched their registration to Republican.

Jebus Bush  foreign policy is not what America nor the world is going to benefit from. It will in fact cause more of the next stage of chaos which will lead to the Great Eurasian War.

Do you really want as President a man sleeping with a Mexican national and whose foreign policy adviser is a Neo Republican Cuban who was president of the Dade County Young Democrats?

Make your decision people in mass or this primary will be foisted upon you like it was with John McCain and Mitt Romney, for another political defeat to the American skirted version of foreigner Birther Obama.

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