Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Gay Slayers


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I were discussing the sodomite destruction of America and the Holy Ghost Inspired me to say something about sodomites are no longer victims as they are the ones who are now protected by the regime law over Christians and Straight People. Gays have become the persecutors of humanity.
As we searched for a word, TL was Inspired by the Holy Ghost to say, "Being gay is no longer "special"."

I state this as we came to that conclusion a day ago, and here in the New York Times are all these sodomites whining about not being special any more, and how they were getting off on being persecuted, exactly as our intellectual discussions by the Holy Ghost were being led.

I have explained previously in forensic psychology, a sodomite is a creature created by not having strong roll models in parents, become prey to sexual deviants, and then reinforce it all by the reality that over populated society brings out the beast in all animals...........meaning all creatures if you pack them into cattle feedlots, rat housing or big cities, have a trigger in them, that the deviant starts having sex with it's own kind, in order to not keep reproducing in the extreme which will eat all the food, cause a pandemic to outbreak, and everyone dies.
The weak in being sexual, simply instead of not having sex, instead is defined by sex.

That is the reality in this, and what the traitor John Roberts of the Supreme Court just mandated, in another Obama rationed death measure in "gay rights".

What you do not get in this, is the reality that homosexuals used to show up at psychiatrists offices and beg to be cured as they were miserable. This did not work as the psychiatry only enabled the psychosis.
To this the militant fags made it a drama all fags could star in on a stage in becoming aggressive against the world. Being gay was special, being a victim and these deviants who wanted to be punished in sex and in life for disobeying normality had the theater that their hearts lusted after.

In this, behind the curtain, there was an epic HIV suicide taking place. Homosexuals were killing themselves by disease in order to escape their misery. The theater act helped them deflect, but John Roberts and the Obama image just closed down their freak show, by making everything  except humping animals and raping children not of this extended alphabet of freaks in LGBTQSOXUSMOZX.

This is what the homosexual now has in faggery in being common. They are not special. They are not victims. They are now the ones once again faced with the reality they are deviants in a deviant culture they have constructed. They have no excuses any more. They have the world and they are still the miserable freaks they always have been.

That is why I find this amusing in the Obama regime and John Roberts the traitor, (Yes I know it was Anthony Kennedy who did the deed for Roberts this time in the yes vote for promoting gay suicide.) just plunged thee entire homosexual group back into their psychosis of being miserable, and has isolated them by diluting them into the society. What I am driving at here in forensic psychology, is the outcome of this, is homosexuals are going to again be finding ways to kill themselves, beyond Obama sending ISIS to behead them or Obama image putting them into the military to shoot them.

The Gay Misery is there, always been inside of these people, and what manifested previously should manifest again in a quiet exhale of depression in a last gasp of suicide.

Homosexuals should have went to Jesus to convert, instead of their messiah Obama to introvert. Queers though are going to get exactly what they desired though in an end to this life. Their Obama, John Roberts and those queers on the court just sentenced them to what they are, and suicide will be what this group chooses as that was their remedy before Obama emancipated them to death.

I  have absolutely no compassion on any of these deviants, as they have been nothing but predators, ingrates, Obama tools and sexual genocidists of the modern era in spreading HIV and other diseases costing nations billions of dollars. They cared nothing about saving America from destruction, but destroyed America in their warped caused, and now the very Americide which they unleashed is going to be their suicide of choice.

What comes around goes around, and all of their predation is what they will answer for as they can not get away from the whispering voice of satan, no more than Judas could in betraying Christ.

Gays could once scream loudly for a time to drown out their internal scream. It is all quiet now except for the militant voices trying to rev up these weary fags to go destroy Religious Rights now, but fags are all tired in the reality of their internal scream is keeping them awake, and in psychosis it is moving them again to find a way to end it quietly, in their own suicides again.

Yes that false messiah Obama certainly had sin, death and the grave in the shadow of that halo.

Go wear your equal signs fags, as your Obama image dressed up the White House in the prism of refracted lights of your psychedelic misery. Not much comfort in that, as it always comes back to the reality of homosexuality is sin, and that sin gnaws on the heart and the unrepentant humans always find a suicide way to stop it.

Societal projections conclude this will be the trend.