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Keep Calm Obamatrade On


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I compose this article after Sen. Ted Cruz openly criticized Sen. Jeff Sessions in stating that Sessions is  incorrect concerning this Obamatrade being foisted on Americans  and the world. Personally, I can only write to the facts, and the fact is that in the link below from the House Ways and Means Committee site online, anyone can read the TPA mandate as it gives carte blanche to the image of Obama.

2014 and 2015 TPA Bill

What Ways and Means have placed online is a side by side comparison of the contents of this bill and the changes involved.

It is important to note who is behind this in the 2014 bill was authored by Baucus, Hatch and Camp, while the 2015 bill is refined by Hatch, Wyden and Ryan. It perhaps explains a little bit about why Paul Ryan has gone nuclear in defending this, and how the white print of this "treaty" has a drawing board outline, but it is being added to in the framework by the Obama regime and their conglomerates.

Let me just state a fact in this. This bill side dresses things like "family farmers", but there is not any family farming left in America which produces any appreciable markets. Everything in the Obamatrade is about the billionaires, and after that twister Orin Hatch made Mark Levin look like a fool in betraying Levin's support, it is evident that this Aspen Institute liberal hippie bunch has more going on that what is meeting the eye. Ted Cruz sanctioning this or not.

I have placed a few quotes from this bill with interpretation. I did not find any "foreign slave labor importation" in it, but then Ryan has stated this bill is still in negotiation, so what is leaking out is from that spiked up version not being shown to anyone.

I provide you with the first bombshell. The elimination of government policies which create surpluses which depress prices. If this part is left as it is, then the entire US strategic reserve stockpile of oil is going to be made illegal.
If this stands, then the speculators will never have to deal with any government promoting emergency reserve food supplies, as it will all be in the hands of speculators like George Soros.

eliminating government policies that create
price depressing surpluses;

The following is a mandate which shifts oversight from Congress or any US law enforcement to a group of individual who will interpret what will be "the intent of the law", not the US Courts.

providing for an appellate body or similar
mechanism to provide coherence to the
interpretations of investment provisions in trade

The next part is why the Silicon Valley billionaries are pushing this Obamatrade. They literally have an entire section protecting and enforcing their digital services, and making other nations accept them.


The view of the dictatorial powers granted any occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue is in the provision which mandates that Birther Hussein determines alone which US industries or produce is being hampered, and then in singular dictatorial form, the occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue can enter into treaties with any nation, dictating any terms which he or she pleases.
I ask readers to recall that Birther Hussein is ASIAN. He was birthed in Asia, reared in Asia, vacationed in Asia and this treaty is about making the United States represented by one vote against a dozen other Vietnam size nations voting in block against America.
Whenever the President
determines that one or more existing duties or
other import restrictions of any foreign country or
the United States are unduly burdening and
restricting the foreign trade of the United States
and that the purposes, policies, priorities, and
objectives of this Act will be promoted thereby,
the President
(A) may enter into trade agreements with foreign
countries before
(i) July 1, 2018;

The reality of the above states that the "President" must notify Congress, but it DOES NOT STATE that Congress or the People of America have any vote or check or balance against this dictatorial authority of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Instead Congress or the People of these United States are limited to Consult and Advise. That means no vote, no checks or balances and absolutely no authority as this bill hands it all over to Barack Hussein Obama Chin and some apparition which will appear in a "trade board" which alone decides what is United States protection.

The congressional advisory groups shall consult with
and provide advice to the Trade Representative
regarding the formulation of specific objectives

What is in this bill is a host of United Nations mandates which have turned America and France into feeding bambi to wolves nations. Everyone of these treaties below are what Obamatrade is hinged on. It makes no difference if the bill is declaring Americans have rights to be protected as THEE ENVIRONMENT AND NATURE HAVE THEIR MANDATE FIRST. This bill cements it all into one international package to remove American Rights.

i) The Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora,
done at Washington March 3, 1973 (27 U
ST 1087;
TIAS 8249).
(ii) The Montreal Protocol on Substances that
Deplete the Ozone Layer, done at Montreal
September 16, 1987.
(iii) The Protocol of 1978 Relating to the
International Convention for the Prevention of
Pollution from Ships, 1973, done at
February 17, 1978.
(iv) The Convention on Wetlands of International
Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat, done
at Ramsar February 2, 1971 (TIAS 11084).
(v) The Convention on the Conservation of
Antarctic Marine Living Resources, done at
berra May 20, 1980 (33 UST 3476).
(vi) The International Convention for the
Regulation of Whaling, done at Washington
December 2, 1946 (62 Stat. 1716).
(vii) The Convention for the Establishment of an
Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission, done
at Washington May 31, 1949 (1 UST 230).

It might explain why earlier this year when an Obama court turned dangerous wolves loose on Americans and their pets,  in removing all American Rights to self protection, that someone like GOP John Thune as Senator from South Dakota was scurrying about busy in protecting the Mexican wolf. Thune joined all of these GOP traitors and the releasing of killer wolves in America was but a first taste of this Obamatrade bill which the GOP was backing.

So while Ted Cruz is right in this is "just another trade bill", these trade bills have been but cover for the international cartel to destroy American Rights and instigate ways to starve people into slavery. Ask yourself how it is that only this popular girl Lame Cherry was able to find this Ways and Means report and none of the other Mockingbird mic heads never provided you with any of this information, as Matt Drudge trolls along printing headlines which are diverting attention from what this entire thing is about. Obamatrade is no different that Patriot Act written by Gary Hart for George W. Bush and Obamacare written for Birther Hussein by Tom Daschle.

Obamatrade is the work of that schemer Orin Hatch, for the conglomerate exploiters. It speaks of rights, but there are no rights in this bill when tuna are given the same rights as Americans, and the corporations are the ones dealing with the markets being pried open in nations where the bathroom is a pail full of excrement in the corner.

Ted Cruz though is wrong in attacking Jeff Sessions as uninformed. The only problem with Jeff Sessions is he has not gone far enough in outing this Obama dictatorship and muzzling of Congress. The reality is simple in this. The GOP is owned by the conglomerates in Congress has now been handed over to the cartel exploiters as the biggest brothel in the world, and Americans are the ones forced to turn the tricks for the international johns.

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