Saturday, June 13, 2015

From the Time before


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Listen, Fear the Lord, hate all that which is evil, if you are wise! His Voice is calling out to everyone in the world of His chosen.

"For the armies of destruction are coming; the Lord is sending them."

Will there not be any limits to your getting rich by cheating? Your wickedness has stocked mansions filled with treasures plundered from the people. You are dishonest in your trading in Wall Street money dumps from the United States Treasury, robbing the poor.
You short measure the people from driving up the prices on food and oil, which are the food the people grow and the very oil which is in their land!

You rich have become wealthy through extortion of the masses and police state intimidation.

Each of you is so used to lying and to lies, that none of you can find the Truth nor tell it.

Therefore the Lord will wound you. God will bring your ruin for all of your sins. You will eat, but not have enough. Your hunger will pain you and emptiness will be perpetual. All of your horded cash, will become nothing in the end.
What you have, will become the booty of those who conquer you.

You will plant crops and not harvest them. You will drill oil wells and not profit from them. You will work and there will be no wage for you.

The only laws you keep are those of the sodomite Obama and the only examples you follow are your deviant minders.

 God will make an example of you by bringing each of you to complete ruin. You will be treated with contempt, mocked and ridiculed by all who see you. Then will come death and the Judgment.

In duality from the era before, when your peoples were cast out and exiled.