Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meet Woodie


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So I do not have time to tell you the story of all of my it began at 1 AM in my shooting into the darkness to shoo away a coyote.....and yelling at them at 2 AM when more of them came back...........

But I should have known something was up, as sibling who thinks I am going to hell appeared in the junk store. Sib never is in there as it is beneath her, so I figure she was staking it out. Short story was, she accosted Mom and about ran over her to get to me, as I had the new prize of TL to spy upon.
I gave the cold shoulder and moved on without any intros to TL........Sib I thought looked like she had cancer......honestly I did not recognize her from the last time I saw her, she looked that different.

So what is this about? This is about the good in I was doing chores and TL was doing chores.......and I looked up by the Baby Daisy and Baby Belle and exclaimed something like, "What the hell?" and walked over to this duck in the path.

I am guessing it is a Wood Duck. Have no idea if it was late hatch, or those damned predators ate it's Mom and siblings, or it just got I did a scout and there were no ducks to be seen.
So baby woodie is in a chicken box.......and now am pondering after 5 drinks of water that we will have to invest in a bag of non medicated food for it, as ducks can not have chicken food that has antibiotics in it.
Plan is to search the stock dam tonight to see if anyone is there named duck, and then put it there if Mama is there, but am thinking I am stuck with this woodie. Seems content enough, but never know about wild animals going feet to the sky as they do not do confinement.

OK that is the update on the day. The ducks know me and hear my voice and follow me. Think I would have preferred a half dozen turkey poults, but God has His reasons for things. For now have a new non peeping toy to play with.

I am hoping that intrusive meeting with sib will not be repeated, as she got the message that I do not want to be around her obnoxious self, no more than satan..........yeah and soon as I blundered into that trap, Mom took off like a rocket and hid in the Bible section away from sib.

That was our day so far.

Oh there were no mosquitos out at 1 AM here.  Glad it was not, as my attire was a 22 rifle, undies, a hunt shirt and my peeking.