Sunday, June 7, 2015

Obama Giveth Bush Taketh Away

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you children have not noticed the obvious it is time to point out what blind sighted fools you are.

Gas is now around 2.60 a gallon.......and wait for it, diesel is around 2.80 a how can that be in diesel just a few short Obama years ago was around 5 bucks a gallon with gas at 3 how can it be that diesel is now an equal to gasoline?

Maybe you can tune into George Nouri..............BUZZ WHANK........(that is the best sound effect on a keyboard) ..........nopers, that will get you how great the Obama economy is and that is all.

How about Homo Hannity.............BUZZZ WHANK.........noper that will get you nothing about bad Islam and great anal shit sex.

Let's just stop there as I do not want to make you deaf with the reality that no one is going to tell you chit, except the Lame Cherry.

So let's return to the good olde daze of George W. Bush, with gas at a buck eighty seven a gallon in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, 70 more million Americans working, and oh yes, America had Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran on the rope and Khadaffi had Libya in the American sphere........and one more thing,  marriage was between only a man and woman, and there was a real American President in the White House.

OK dizz whiz, you got the stuff that Obama copped the will for, and in that you remember he met with George Soros to make him despot terror mullah, and then there was that nation rapist, Warren remember him right or is that left, as he is a feudal nation rapist.......

Any way, let us review the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter as you are too lazy and no mind to do it.

Buffett meets with Obama.

Buffett buys an illegal monopoly of US railroads at bankrupt prices.

Obama shuts off Canadian oil pipelines.

Oklahoma oil sinks billions into North Dakota sweet crude and causes an oil boom there.........well it is stealing North Dakota oil for pennies and the Wall Street Obama crowd getting billions.

Warren Buffett starts buying in tax deductions somewhere in the billions new tanker cars to ship all that North Dakota crude to Texas and Louisianna refineries.

Obama allows Big Frac to double American oil prices to over 3.50 a gallon to improve his green embezzlement money laundering, and adds to the punch by sabotaging the British Petroleum deep drilling oil wells in the American Gulf to shut that down.

So nation rapist Buffett gets an illegal monopoly in railroad, railroad lands which house all that North Dakota crude oil being drilled.........and Buffett rail hauls it all making a fortune, because oil is shut off from Canada........Obama shuts down Keystone XL.......Obama has Big Frac inflate oil prices so all those truckers could not be hauling that oil making a living, but all that money was going into Buffett and Big Frac's pockets......and you are told how great Big Frac is and how great Buffett is in all the propaganda.

So where was I?

Oh yeah, Buffett and Obama are in a crime syndicate, violations of the RICO act......and lots of cash going into Buffett's bank account in stealing it from Americans.......

Oh yeah that exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter.........

and what was that about, you recall that drop in diesel prices.........well then it all began with Buffett not hauling all that oil a few years ago.......

You do remember the Lame Cherry in a matter anti matter exclusive telling all you bright children and brats that by cause and effect, I knew that a changing of the gaurd had taken place a few months ago.....tougher bunch than the Obama fags, but all the same, not keen on this blog being published and informing you of things.........

So what does that conclude for you Sherlockless children? Someone is going after George Soros in billions in tax delinquincy and now someone has cut diesel prices so all those American truckers are competing with that railroad monopoly, so Buffett is again being cut off from his illegal train monopoly and all that someone is retaliating on another major Obama queen maker and ............yes, these are the folks who have already chosen the next occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Now it is just a sexy headline in Jeb Bush  taking things away........but it is the folks behind Jebby Bushbaby, who are giving a violation up Hillary Clinton's knickers in all the trouble she is having......yeah it is all connected and they really like taking geezer Warren out and picking the golden turds off his arse, and having Buffett know it is being done for his dick sucking Obama or vice versa.....hard to tell on the surveillance as Obama's Asian lips sound a great deal like geezer lips......I digress.

OK so you saw gas price rising, but did not see diesel prices falling.........bummer eh, in your living in a world and you missed a rocket red glare and geezer balls bursting in the Depends.

Yeah Buffett is getting his balls busted. Enjoy that warm and fuzzy feelling you now have over that.......richtards. Yes your ball busting is coming too richtards.

Now you are dismissed and can go back and play with.....who is it Mark Levin......does anyone listen to him any more or did the horizon point change from focal point and begin vanishing point eh.

Yup they are getting the stick about.