Sunday, June 7, 2015

Real Government Real Business

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would that the Americans, the British, and the German Assyrian would return to their heritage and invoke for themselves their honorable and civilized intercourse between each other in business and government, for their ancestors would hold them in the least esteem and and complete disapproval in how the cartel has castrated these peoples from their normal interaction.

I state it plainly, that no Anglo Saxon ever engaged each other in government or business without being fully armed with their spear.

"The Germans transact no business, public or private, without being armed: but it is not customary for any person to assume arms till the state has approved his ability to use them. Then, in the midst of the assembly , either one of the chiefs, or the father, or a relation, equips the youth with a shield and javelin. These are to them the manly gown; this is the first honor conferred on youth: before this they are considered as part of a household ; afterwards, of the state."

Cornelius Tacitus

The beauty of every responsible youth, earning that right of responsibility to be armed as all adults is the basis of civilized society and culture.

There can never be any civilization, without the entire population armed in mass. An ordered community does not arise from a police state nor an armed regime dictating punishment. A peaceful state only originates in each person so armed, and appearing in public armed, with full responsibility for that armament in martial use to possess those rights to the individual and progesses out to the community.

I would that every German, Frenchman, Scandinavian, Briton and American were armed in public and private, and that each and every business  meeting and Congressional meeting had every Citizen armed.

"One wins rights in battle. One holds rights in arms."

- Lame Cherry

Traitors and deserters were hung from trees.  Cowards and perverts were smothered in mud.

That is Anglo Saxon justice and calls for the return of that justice 2000 years later.

Nuff said.