Saturday, June 13, 2015

Obamacare Kills Again

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I have mentioned my cousin's wife, who had diabetes, congestive heart failure and was turned down for a heart transplant.........

Well, she died his past week, and left a grieving husband and daughter, with grandchildren in a huge void which will not be filled. Death is always interesting to me, in numbers of you have had loved ones die this past year, and it had meaning for you, but this death will not have meaning as you never knew this woman.

She literally gave up, after her second evaluation in California in she would not be put on the transplant list. I know if they would have lied to her in a heart was out there, she would be alive today. My dad had this bloated heart, and he lived for like 20 years. My neighbor's Mom has brittle bones, diabetes, a host of problems and this new COPD which is just enlarged heart, and she keeps chugging along, as she wants to live.
Our trucker had only 15% of his heart available, and he lived years with that too.

Hope is what keeps people alive as it is their reason for living. I do not know why having money, a good family, being able to do some things you enjoyed, was not enough to keep this woman alive. It was the reality though when her hope was pinned on a heart transplant, that when that was taken from her in rationed death, she died very quickly.

Life is an interesting thing in the things which matter. This woman was daily on the phone with her daughter, and this young woman is devastated, and will be. Having had a dad who was a prick, I was devastated too in feeling guilty I was pleased he was dead.
I have always examined this psychology in how to raise children as there is no win in this. For if you are wonderful to a child, it pulls the bottom out of their world, and if you are an ass, you leave a child dealing with regrets and guilt.
If you are distant, then your children grow up just as sociopath and that breaks the weave of society, just as much as being too clinging to your children.

The reality is though, that none of this matters. There has not been any medical advance in America during the Obama tenure. There will not be any advancements as there is not money in this any more, except for the conglomerates who are going to farm people for profits, instead of finding ways to cure people.

I have written long ago, of the agenda I had developed of taking designer pigs, in putting a person's DNA into that piglet, not to create a human, but to in 4 months create replacement body parts, with absolutely no organ rejection possibilities. All of that technology is available now, and yet it is not being assembled, because the cartel is in Obama about rationing death for profits, instead of curing people for more abundant living.

Before TL, I was a person looking for an exit from this world. Now I am a person who looks for a Jesus entrance into this world. I can understand Christians leaving this world as God is weeding numbers of them out in what looks like more preparation for less suffering for them, but the reality always is, many are called and FEW are chosen. Odd how the devil always has people deluded into thinking they are special and of the few, when they are the many going to hell for not implementing the Life of Christ which is mandated proof of your confession as Jesus as your Savior.

I leave that at that.