Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Having my internet shut down, I was faced with no longer having a paid for email account which would operate freely off of Thunderbird or Outlook. It forced me to do something which I had always desired to do, and that was set up email accounts to download from various free websites directly to my computer using Thunderbird or Outlook.

In the prehistoric days, this was complicated in the correct codex having to be typed in, but in my testing the current Mozilla Thunderbird, this is about as easy as ........well an Obama voter could do it.

There are tutorials online for this, but all you have to do is go into TOOLS, ACCOUNT SETTINGS, and at the bottom of the menu is ACCOUNT ACTIONS, and in that menu is ADD NEW ACCOUNT.

In that, all you have to do is type in your name, your email address and your password, and Thunderbird handles the rest in checking the correct information.

There are around 10 good free sites for email with the POP or IMAP features. I have stated before that I use Yahoo as my dump box for articles and information of things I want to keep. Other accounts like Google I never use as I do not like Google for my own prejudices. You can make your picks, but know that some servers like Excite only provide POP3 if you pay for it, and that sucks, even if Excite is a secure mailbox.

I am leery of Russian mailboxes like Yandex. Some sites make you wade through and activate the POP3 settings, while others like AOL just do it for you. AOL though requires a cell phone number to activate that account.

I believe in multiple email accounts which are free. You should have one for your name in business things, another for emailing people, another for a dump box archive and another for signing up for things or getting emails into.
I made the mistake of contacting a Russian about a dog, and from that point on my mail was inundated with Russian wedding proposals and things like that.

I dislike Outlook and Hotmail. Just am prejudiced righteously as the Obama fags tried to phish me and Gates did nothing for it, plus Hotmail is not what I prefer. I prefer my old paid account, but not having that on my current internet ability, I set these new accounts up to run POP3 and IMAP so that I do not have to waste time logging into different sites. I can just get mail from them all, or I can just get mail from the mail port I choose in Thunderbird.
As I type this some whiz in Search Engine is saying that I can configure Gmail to download Excite mail to that account.......that I will check about, but what a load of horse pud to go through all of that for things I am switching over from.

I place this here for those who have all of this and have never considered it. Granted I am not about to do my dump box sites into Thunderbird, because I do not want all that spam, but for the mailboxes I am going to make certain are kept secure, this is a great way to make things go faster and let the major players do most of the spam and virus work........yes I have AVG and it does work in scanning things too.

I leave this at that.