Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cumulo Nukeleus Clouds


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am waiting for my free Subway cookie.

As that may not interest you, but it is interesting in more people have interest in bone knives than in politicians, I wonder of things.

I wonder of things global in nuclear cumulus nimbus clouds.

I am not posting on this as the British Ashkenaz press of  Rupert Murdoch is setting the stage in this mind conditioning on stories, but of the mirror atmospheric images which are appearing in both Russia upon her plains and up the America Great Plains.

While looking down from above it is a different vantage point in cloud formations, I was storing the information in what I was witnessing in America as events which simply puzzled me. To explain what I am getting at, is this, the same high anvil shaped clouds as seen in Russia which look like nuclear mushroom clouds are appearing over the American plains.

I will explain what you are looking at in the above photo as it is interesting in the dynamics, as it is duality in America and Russia.

In nimbus clouds, there are the thunderhead clouds which appear when fed sufficient moisture and heat. This produces the updrafts which create these clouds. When the updraft is particularly strong, one gets hail and tornadoes. When it becomes super lifted, you have these anvil clouds which are created when they cloud is sheered off by the jet stream.

Note the base of this cloud also in there is nothing there. That is from an arid atmosphere, the same dry air is eating clouds up in North America in this developing drought year.

One has a massive column of fuel in moist air, pushing up rapidly in being heated, as the atmosphere is charged for making rain and storm, but these cells are surrounded by super dry air and being choked off. This is what creates these Cumulo Nukeleus Clouds.

I was observing these creatures in North America today, and the past week, and the air is literally sucking these cloud masses dry. One can observe these cells explode upward when passing over large bodies of water, but the moment they leave these vistas, the clouds literally are absorbed into the dry atmosphere.

Coincidence is something which does not happen. Historically when Russia is warm in winter, America is cold and vice versa. The same reality is in wet and dry periods. Yet in this summer era, Russia is producing in the summer phase the same dry rain super cells as America.

At base of this is, the sun is definitely active in the wave lengths which produce such weather, meaning uneven heating and cooling of the earth, but for the same identity both Russia and America are arid and that should not be.

The poor little dark wind clouds are moving about the base, but this is part of the feeding air flow. These are massive cells in energy, and yet they are not producing rain. That is fascinating and a reality of a probable manageable wheat harvest, but a test of the Monsanto genetic mutants in the corn and soybean crops which are long term.

According to the stats in my files, there was fog only in one period in the American Great Plains this past spring. For those unfamiliar with the adage, fog is followed 90 days later by rain. Thee only appreciable storm systems revealed will appear after a dry summer which will test the corn and soybean production.

This area was  widely in a drought mode in May, but oddly some rain dumps took place, which I may have had something to do, in contemplating with God something about our need for wheat for bread......

The weather patterns have held in America. These patterns from last winter project to wide swings in cold Canadian air sweeping in by large volumes of wind, and large winds eventually raising the temperatures to high heat again. Something is though amiss in this, as while the air is dry, the crops were showing stress from the heat spikes of this past week. Ground moisture is available, but that will be negated as crops grow......figure the wheat harvest period according to my observations in a wheat which is short and uneven due to this odd weather pattern.

One can bite on Murdoch hysteria in pointing to Putin is the threat of nuclear war, but then who was it by the cartel and Obama who were from Sochi on intimidating the Russian government in trying to topple it over Putin's stance in saving Syrians from Obama slaughter.

I can tell you the meteorology of this and the why of it, but as I was drawn to notice this same pattern in America which I had never observed before, something is generating here which I will have to rely on God to explain the signs of why this is weather is mirroring in North America and Asia.

This has to do with the work this blog was doing in the global warming farce in explaining the sun was spiking in different heat wave bands which had nothing to do with heating the planet but interacting with the vapor supply. This current phenomena is solar generated in drying out the atmosphere in cold and heat, but supercharging spots in interaction to produce these nukeleus cells.
I recall the super hurricanes had years like this, when the tops were sheered off by  the jet stream as they had too much lift......that though will be the future in the lo pressure systems being incubated out of Africa later this summer.

Massive anvil clouds caused by super uplift in driving energy into the jet stream. Concentrating what little moisture there is to no effect, but dissipating it.........not in rain. This though does not appear as any omen upon inquiry of nuclear bombs going off.