Thursday, June 18, 2015

Room for only one pretty Black man in an Obama Legacy


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The staged event shooting at Charleston South Carolina is far too "perfect" to just be a random event.

The clue in this is image Obama has overplayed the hand again as he gestures right hand when he is left at the podium with Biden in tow.

Obama with the Mockingbird networks focused this on GUN CONTROL, as the image highlighted he had done this far too often in noting tragic events. I will note that when White Christians and Brown Christians are murdered in Obama Syrian Civil Wars or in America, then Obama has not one word about any of this........anywhere from India to China.

This Church which was the site of this staged event was one which Dr. Martin King spoke at. This is a Church tailor made in the image noted it had been burned down previously. All of that is too convenient, and you will notice that Rev. Al Sharpton of New York tweeted that this dead political minder pastor was leading the prayer vigil for another of these dead blacks being offered up like the giant of Ferguson.

After Walter Scott Shooting, Scrutiny Turns to 2nd ...‎ - The New York Times
NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — He did not fire a shot. He is black, not white. But Clarence W. Habersham Jr., the first officer to arrive on the scene after the fatal police shooting of an ...

All of this walks, talks and shits like a duck. Just back engineer this like the #2 al Qaeda guy in Libya who was off the oasis in not taking Obama orders was blown up. This Afroid political pastor Pickney was a fast rising star in the black demo world. He was cutting into Sharpton's turf in moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky and was a future problem for the image of Obama.
Make enough turf burns and you become an asset to be used for a political event in the same way all these other dead blacks suddenly have massive Justice Department coordination.

You remember what the Jews said about Jesus in it being convenient for Jesus to die for the good of the political establishment. This Pickney was offered up. His church was perfect background for this event.....and what is the massive push in this about? It is about destroying the Second Amendment which exactly what Obama and Holder set out to do with Gun Runner in using dead Mexicans.

Why though send out Lee Harvey Oswald or that doper for Gabby Giffords, Jared Lee Loughner..........yes all Obama trademarks like Hutatree which was the first major political operation against White America of this regime..........because Dylan Storm Roof, is the perfect patsy. His name is tailor made for this as much as his being dressed up in the flag of Rhodesia.
You do not get the joke in this do you, and I will not go into it completely, but you do recall that the Obama of Africa in Robert Mugabe has turned Rhodesia or Zimbabwe into the worst inflationary nation in the world, while being the thug in charge for the cartel which leaves him in power to exploit blacks.......yeah image Obama has no problem with that gem either, like all the dead White and Brown Christians around the world.

That is the first assessment of this.......and this blasting of an off the plantation Pickney is linked to the huge defeats Obama has had with Obamatrade in what Nancy Pelosi hung his scrotum from her wall. It is correct and you can bet on it.

This is the same Birther and image of Obama protocols and screed from day one, when Obama had the BATF arrest those two unbalanced white kids in the South to stoke the race card for his stealing the White House in the 2008 election flip flop.

So do not be fooled by any of this nor guilted by any of it, as it is the same motis apparandi from day one Obama. This regime keeps re creating the same protocol over and over.

I do not have enough time today to deal with this.....was awake at 5 and picking up baby chickens today and have lots to do yet. That should give you the talking points in this of what is actually taking place. This one hit the Mockingbird hard. They were ready for it, and image Obama had it all scripted for his appearance for a nooner with Biden. Numbers of levels in this at work in this is not just one operation, but several............two main points is image Obama saving face in black face again and image Obama repeating Fast and Furious.

Only room for one pretty black man in the Obama legacy.........remember that.

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