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Smoking Gun: Saddam Hussein's Weaponized Polio


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am suffering from the gruesome torture of attempting to endure reading the quasi intellectualism of Maureen Dowd in her "add a college word" and spew stupidity type of composition.

Dowd though is useful in Bushworld, in she posts her insider information which apparently derived from pillow talk in hating Americans, as she has no idea what she was hearing in gossip.

This blog posted the exclusive that Dowd recorded a military coup against Bill Clinton and who it was in the Pentagon who did the same thing to Donald Rumsfeld, and were part of the insiders who Pearl Harbored the 9 11 event inside America.
The pagan Catholic blurted out something again on page 266 of Bushworld as she as blaming President George W. Bush for everything wrong in this world as she took a blasphemous slap at all Christians in her anti religious screed.

APRIL 20th 2003 AD

In Baghdad, it was Bad Friday. On the Islamic Holy Day, thousands of Iraqis marched through downtown, shouting for America to "leave our country". Looters, continuing their rampage, stole vials of polio virus form a public health laboratory and set the Information Ministry on fire.

Now this is interesting when the evidence begins appearing, as Saddam Hussein three years previous had embarked upon a national campaign to vaccinate all Iraqi children under 5 years of age. Yet we notice something in another New York Times post in 2014, that once again polio was the focus of concern in Iraq becoming a pandemic.

  1. Amid Iraq's Political Chaos, a New Polio Vaccination ...
  2. The New York Times
    Aug 11, 2014 - Increasingly worried about the possible spread of polio amid Iraq's escalating chaos, Unicef and the World Health Organization said Monday ...
  3. Iraq starts nation-wide polio vaccination campaign - BBC ...
  4. British Broadcasting Corporation
    Mar 28, 2000 - The Iraqi health ministry has started a five-day nationwide campaign to vaccinate 3.5 million children under the age of five against polio.
The above are pieces of this broken puzzle, like the weapons of mass destruction which were flown out and shipped by truck into Syria and Lebanon before Gulf War II, as were reported and now confirmed are being used in the current image Obama Syrian Civil War, proving that WMD's did in fact exist in Saddam Hussein's Iraq as the intelligence was pointing to for the liberation of Iraq.

Read the final piece though that brings all of this into a clear picture and not a jigsaw of pieces in this article about the push for vaccines for 30,000 children in neighboring Israel.

Dr. Neetu Vashisht and Dr. Jacob Puliyel of the Department of Pediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in Delhi, India reported that after extensive lab synthesis of the polio strain in 2002, the polio virus has returned in a weaponized form that is proving impossible to eradicate.

Just so you understand this. According to physicians in India, polio had been so synthesized before Gulf War II, that it was in a weaponized form.

Now return to the time line in this. Saddam Hussein was injecting Iraqi's with polio vaccines before Gulf War II. We find upon the US liberation, that the same founders of what is now Obama ISIS in Iraq, were rioting and what exactly did they take?
Yes polio virus from what is noted an Iraqi laboratory operating in country, which was apparently manufacturing this virus.

Revisit the MSNBC article, which has this damning revelation, concerning another germ spreader who stated that he wanted to use vaccines to kill off 1 billion people. That person was Bill Gates.

The World Health Organization (WHO) back in April, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) travelled to India to administer polio vaccines which resulted in an outbreak of non-polio paralysis. Grants provided to the Indian government from BMGF and WHO funded the vaccination program.

Bill Gates 'vaccine' had literally created a pandemic in India of polio.

The fact is that polio was so refined that it took on a weaponized form in 2002. Iraq was not only conducting vaccination programs, but had it's own viral source in lab production.  This polio was the biological which was deliberately stolen by the upcoming founders of Obama ISIS.

What is astounding in this, is the propaganda which is being posted all over in "wild polio virus in three types exist".
Have you ever heard of wild flu? How about wild cancer? Yes that wild chicken pox or wild measles is the problem.......not that tame flu, tame cancer, tame chicken pox or tame measles.

This of course all sounds ludicrous because it is.

The WHO declared that Pakistan, Cameroon, and Syria pose the greatest risk of wild poliovirus exportation while Afghanistan, Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Somalia and Nigeria are infected with wild poliovirus but are not exporting it.

The entire responsibility for all of this lies in the bed of these leftists like Maureen Dowd and their billionaire nation rapists who threw gasoline on Iraq and lit the fires which Obama fanned into ISIS.

All of us were told that no biological labs existed in Iraq, and yet Maureen Dowd stated in a diatribe that one was in operation, had polio virus, and that the terrorists of Iraq stole it. When one can reproduce polio, one can reproduce any biological agent and weaponize it.

This blog tracked the American interstate highway spread of West Nile in it being introduced into America. That source was Saddam Hussein and in that same period, the Rockefellers in New York were implementing a vaccine for it in response.

There was a great deal more to all of this than has ever been reported. Polio is one of thee most contagious and dangerous pandemics in the world. It is why the founders of Obama ISIS stole those vials in 2002 from a laboratory in Iraq, under the cover of anti American riots.

Polio: Types, Causes, & Symptoms - Healthline › Reference Library
Healthline Networks
Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a highly contagious disease that is caused by a virus ... In addition, the virus can be spread by contaminated food or water or direct ... to 10 percent will die when the paralysis attacks the muscles that control breathing.

Food, water, direct contact, and numbers of people never realize they even have contracted the "wild polio" which is more and more rampant, even with decades of vaccination programs. The only thing that changed was an Iraqi lab being looted of polio virus and Bill Gates injecting it into Indian children.

Apparently only ignorant Obama voters ever read Maureen Dowd, and none of the minders, because this woman in her braying keeps dropping intelligence which unravels to her cartel employers, who do not appreciate having their schemes exposed.

The thread moves into Syria, where the Obama press is trying to blame President Assad for not vaccinating his people, but there is the little matter of the Obama instigated Civil War, which has been proven started by a visit from Obama's Iraqi ambassador.

Once the most feared disease of the twentieth century, polio in most countries had long ago passed into the history books. Syria was no exception. Polio was eliminated there in 1995 following mandatory (and free) immunization introduced in 1964 after the Baath party took power.2 Yet wildtype 1 polio—the most vicious form of the disease—has been confirmed across much of Syria.

Focus on the facts in this. The Assad family and the Baathists had eradicated polio as of 1995. Yet now in war torn areas, reports are coming in of 90 cases of infected children, which is blamed on wild polio virus. You should be reminded that President Assad was also blamed for using WMD's and when this blog broke that propaganda story with the Truth that these weapons were from Obama's terrorists, that exclusive was proven later by other press.

What you are witnessing is the appearance of weaponized polio, and it is indeed being spread. It returns to those stolen vials in Iraq by the founders of Obama ISIS. Live carriers were injected and they carried the disease to infect others.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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