Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sherlockless Holmes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have decided that once and for all, I must settle this in Sherlock Holmes business as people have no idea as to what they are watching in what is acceptable.

The following is a ranking of Sherlock Holmes interpretations in movie and television.

Let us start at the beginning in who is the best actor who ever portrayed Mr. Holmes.

No let us start with the worst in Basil Rathbone. Noting is more inept than sucking on an incorrect pipe and that stupid deer slayer hat, droning on about elementary Watson things.

The best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett. Brett was the mirror image of the original English charactures in the serials. I prefer as Conan Doyle wrote it, and as Mr. Holmes was portrayed, including the long stemmed small bowl pipe he smoked.

Morton Downey Jr. is the most animated and Benedict Cumberbatch is the most quirky. All are interesting, but this is about the best in what Holmes was meant to be.

Let me say this.......I have not found any The Woman or Irene Adler's who measured up. The one in the Brett version was too forgettable so I have forgotten her name. Downey's is too too, and the Cumberbatch one is close to being great, but I prefer my Adler's non naked.

Professor Moriarty....that is simple in Andrew Scott of the Cumberbatch series. I do not like the anal Moriarty's which are portrayed as too sociopathic.......I prefer strange, but not as available as the Brett Moriarty was portrayed. Downey's was very good, but too professor and not enough odd.

As for Dr. Watson, the first Dr. in the Brett series who was not that Edward Hardwicke was very good, David Burke, but I return to Morton Downey's Dr. Watson in Jude Law. He is perfection as Jeremy Brett is.

Lastly we have Mycroft Holmes. Brett's brother was too geezer. The worst is that fag Stephen Fry on Downey's version. The best so far is the writer for the Cumberbatch series. He does the best portrayal.

Oh I would add that the wife of Dr. Watson in the Downey version is perfect, if not out of character in the Victorian Era in being to tarty.

Best music is the Cumberbatch on the hunt theme though is Downey's music.

So to wrap this up........Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law as Dr. Watson, that Queenie writer as Mycroph, that faggy Andrew Scott as Moriarity........the rest are not that relevant to even waste valuable e tree pulp here to cut them down.

Oh one more thing, Brett's Inspector whatever is the Scotland Yard choice for character too.

Sorry, Mrs. Hudson of Cumberbatch's version is the best.........Brett's is perfect according to the story and a good choice too.......the rest who knows or better I have dismissed them as they do not matter.

I deduce that is where this should be left off.........Cumberbatch's Dr. Watson was good.......probably would have made a bang up Moriarty too......not so Scott over the top and more the menacing type of a psychotic.

Now the game is on.