Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That Image Foretaste


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This probably should be a lengthy article, but I do not have the time at this moment to write it, and it really is best to call attention to this so you are aware of it, as the sexy headlines are trending it currently.

This blog has stated that the Pater in the Vatican is the image of the false prophet. That is what inquiry pointed to. In stating that, you are witnessing a most interesting psychic gash upon the matrix in first there was Barack Obama in reflection of the anti Christ, and then you have this Vatican Pater mixing it up in choosing who rules Germany, Italy........making beach front of Cuba, and now the Pater Pope is making international economic policy in class warfare and environmentalism.


These are the seeds of the anti Christ as embodied by the image of Obama and the Pater Pope. None of these are the anti Christ, but are preparatory signatures.........think of them as the evil John the Baptist and the following Simon the Sorcerer of the Book of The Acts of the Apostles.

This Pater is a clever fellow. You will remember he appeared to be casting out a demon for his first miracle in Rome, and now he is exorcising all of Mexico..........just remember a house divided against itself can not stand.........so think of this as Obama talking game about al Qaeda while building ISIS. It is all slight of hand.

The new global authority is what the Pater has been trending toward in installing his people in Europe. The image of Obama is Jesuit controlled as was written of here long ago. You are fortunate to be living in these times to see things which will one day appear on the horizon, in what the Prophets yearned to see and Apostles thought would take place in their days.

All of this is a foretaste of the anti Christ......it is coming in with halos around the Obama head and dressed in Vatican white, but the lamb which follows only speaks like Christ and is a raging lion.

You see, none of you cowered or were that put off by Obama or the Pater. None of you will recoil that much when the anti Christ appears either. It is designed that way and the majority will become enraptured and drawn to that person like these other two.

The whore which rides the beast.........that is the Vatican guiding the world regime. You are seeing it in the process of rising out of the many waters.

Nuff said.