Sunday, June 14, 2015

Smarter than a Jersey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Era's come and go and pass, and as I have been around bovine stock my entire life, but not Jerseys, I have come to the conclusion that one must be smarter than a Jersey to deal with them.

Here is a list of people I believe are not smarter than Jersey cattle.

Barack Obama and the image

people in media

people in corporations

people in universities

and just about the entire planet.

This is of interest as many people think they would like to have Jersey cows, but I have found they are different than Holstein cattle and about every variety of cattle I have ever had contact with.

For instance. Daisy  and Baby Belle yesterday have a routine in running out of the gate when I open it, and then I am supposed to catch them in putting the exclusive halters I have designed on them.
Daisy seems .......well she is more mine, so she like just bucks past me with a halter on as I try to get Baby Belle cinched up. This is just for fun I suppose and it is interesting having a 400 pound animal playing like this....but all the same, we had phase II take place.

TL halters Baby Belle most days, and Baby Belle just sticks her nose in it, and away they go. I thought that would be a repeat, but yesterday, they decided to play a bit more, in Baby Belle three times went bucking and kicking across the yard.
You have to understand Baby Belle's idea of speed and bucking......she runs like a reindeer in that head low and just sort of stays in place when she runs. Her bucking is big I suppose for her wee form, but one is found laughing at her displays of energy instead of intimidated.

So after that, I decided today to halter them by the panel. Daisy had her head out and I sort of missed her, and she withdrew, and I explained to her, as I speak animal talk, that she needed that on or she was not getting out. With that, the halter went on and I opened the gate and away Daisy went.
Belle though was contemplating her intelligence in she was not going to allow me close to her as her bucking display must have pleasured here. I informed her that she was not getting out of the pen until the halter was on. With that she let me get close, I put it on her, and stuck her nose out and cinched up, away she went.

Yesterday they had to learn that the grass was not greener through the fence, but only weed sprayed dead weeds. Once they learned that, they stood in place. Today as I was busy planting tomatoes and pulling weeds out of sight, Daisy and Belle tended themselves perfectly.

This is from the Daisy three days ago who blasted through the fence just for fun, took a run, and then ran back as she did not like the pasture she was in.

So I conclude in all of this, that Jersey cattle are indeed intelligent....they have horse sense and at times pig understanding in comprehending things. They have different personalities as all animals do, as Belle is more cat like in pretending she is independent and Daisy just sort of big ole dog likes to show a great deal of affection.

I believe the readers who contacted me are intelligent enough for Jersey cattle. The rest I would think they should just stock up on powdered milk as that is what their IQ would prepare them for is opening cardboard containers and voting for politicians they believe.

Daisy has a lovely tongue which is black blue and is about 12 inches long it seems. It has caught TL already as it shoots out like a sling in capturing kisses and things. Not that is intelligent, but it is an attribute of Daisy.

They like hobbled horses have now learned well in how to run with their halter rope on them, without stepping on it. They do extremely well.....I am more impressed in their minding themselves as that was the plan so I could just go off and work while they grazed unattended as calves.....and yes they are calves and they are learning each time we do something to behave wonderfully well.
Better than the first trip in which they took off down the road and I had to outrun them in heading them off so they did not end up in the neighbors fields.

I still do not know what to do with what will be all this Jersey milk once they freshen in a couple of years. The only solutions are to get another calf for them to nurse to eat all that milk as I can not drink 4 gallons a day nor care to try....and milking once a week is about all I probably care to be involved in too, as I am trying to will their tits to grow longer as I do not want to invest in an auto milker as.....well the power goes out and you got a very shining but ugly toy that has not much play value.

See I taught you something and you did not get it...if you get a Jersey, you probably will have to get another calf to deal with the milk......if you do not name it and tame it, you probably could turn it into beef eventually to eat.

See I am smarter than a just took a bit of an adjustment in dealing with them as they do think a great deal of the time even if they do not act like they are thinking at all as they are looking at you.
Jerseys do not march to a perfect line. They have personalities and they need to have an owner who understands they have to be themselves and develope that personality fully to be what they are.

Belle is finally healed up from the trying to shed off and with her pointy little nub horns is looking pretty.

Jerseys make me feel good, because they are nice looking animals......not all Jerseys are very pretty, but these are, and because I like interacting with them as they have a mind between those mascara dark brown eyes  that are always longingly looking at you softly.
They certainly make good pets and as calves they are being more well behaved all the time. They are starting to come to me when ready to go back in the pen.......and they run from me when they have not had enough grazing and think I am going to put them back into the pen. See like I said.....intelligent and they work things out.

They are good moo cows and good pets. I fully think we will invest eventually in some calves, make them steers and train them to be ox. Be a good garden tractor I suppose as that is what the rumor has it would be their purpose, as Big Frac can not extort money from me for the fuel they run on.

Jerseys at least seem to train much more quickly than horses, and have a great deal more affection for humans. They certainly do not seem to choose left wing twerps to own them, which is another sign of great intelligence. I suspect they would only vote for people like George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

This concludes this continuing education on Jersey you have to be smarter than a Jersey to own one. That is a rare thing in humans in this Obama 21st century.