Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Hotwire War


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"War is a living thing. That is why it propagates itself in the human soul."

- Lame Cherry

Ask yourself if the mullahs of Tehran were prepositioning missiles and tanks on the Canadian border with Russia, if that would be something which would concern you or not?
How about if Canada and Mexico announced tomorrow a new strategic partnership with Peking, along with heavy weaponry meant for Chinese forces?

Those realities would make a thoughtful person agitated as to what is going on, and yet the Pentagon which started out Obama life as the Birther's assassin division for funding profits and power, and performed a coup against Obama in Syrian campaigns, now has decided to wag the Obama and preposition American military hardware under Vladimir Putin's front porch.

RIGA, Latvia — In a significant move to deter possible Russian aggression in Europe, the Pentagon is poised to store battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weapons for as many as 5,000 American troops in several Baltic and Eastern European countries, American and allied officials say.

When I write of the Slovic peoples I have great affection for them. I though also am aware that historically these peoples were the slave wards of either Muslims, Austrians, Poles or Russians. So when the last antagonists in the Soviet's now have noticed that the Pentagon is attempting to Wesley Clarke flick the Russian's noses to start a war.
I wrote long ago of the correct United States policy in America should have negotiated with Vladimir Putin to create an economic buffer zone in the Slavic peoples, in making them a trading partner with the West, independent in their own military defense, and to feed their profits into Russian oil.

That is what a buffer zone is, so America is not the least in the way of any Ukraine bullets for example which America will have to react to.

The Obama regime has been intent as this blog alerted the world to since 2009 AD in the year of our Lord that Birther Hussein and his conduits in Europe have been intent on removing all buffer zone barriers in friction locations, for the expressed purpose that when a war is initiated by the cartel, that America will be immediately drawn into it. There will not need to be a Woodrow Wilson reflagging of British Lusitania ships or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. No in the Obama image,  there is America putting tanks in undefendable nations on the Russian borders all to cause a trip wire to make America die some more in foreign intrigue for globalist elite rule.
In China, the Obama regime just lets the Chicoms seize other Asian nation lands for Obama debt spending checks.

Placing US hardware in Slavic lands is a waste or resources and it signals an absolute weakness on American strength, because instead of a presence which will thwart a Russian invasion, there is instead a bait of pitiful munitions for 5000 troops, against 700,000 Russians all with main line battle tanks and helicopters.

I use the term "bait" as that is what this is, because Sec. of State Donald Rumsfeld from the start of Bush43's Presidency undertook the completion of building Star Wars and space based lasers. This has now been complimented by "shock nukes" or the use of high speed titanium rods which are combing speed with weight to create nuclear type impacts........clean nukes on the battlefield, and it is all Vice President Richard Cheney designed to Global Hawk hordes of Asian troops who come looking to fight a conventional war with World War II weapons, and will meet 21st century weaponry.

I can predict what will take place in this as Vladimir Putin has signaled what will occur. When Russia has a thumb poked in it's eye again, Russia will begin making riotous trouble in these very Slavic lands where the American tripwires are stationed. Upheaval will produce more friction in these points, and when it flows to actual terrorism assassinating Archdukes again to force Russia to move, then the world has the Hotwire start of the Great Eurasian War, which this is all about.

The reality is image Obama is on it's way out. That reality means that the Pentagon insiders having Obama on a leash like Bill Clinton, are preparing the field for the next installed child of the cartel. The Pentagon insiders got their war when Rumsfeld was attempting to structure budget cuts in 2001 AD in the year of our Lord and with the cartel, oversaw the 9 11 par dux hijackers to bring about their 5 sided reward plan.

"As the proposal stands now, a company’s worth of equipment — enough for about 150 soldiers — would be stored in each of the three Baltic nations: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Enough for a company or possibly a battalion — about 750 soldiers — would be located in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and possibly Hungary."

What the Lame Cherry really believes in this lack of show of force to induce Russia to attack, would be to instead print up 750 posters of Barack and Michelle Obama to really show Russia that America means business and .........yes that is satire. The military fact is that Moscow in 3 days could conquer Scandinavia, gut lower Europe Italy and be sitting with joined forces on the Rhine and French border, and there is not one thing NATO could do about it, and that includes Global Hawk, as there is too much real estate for even advanced WMD's to protect or take military action against spread out Russian columns.

All of this is about the European Neo Roman Empire or cartel setting the stage for the dismantlement of Russia, so the Berliner boys can lounge in ivory palaces in Jerusalem in summer ruling the world. Making Slavic lands scorched earth to accomplish the incineration of Russia is all a matter of the protocols of this.

Once again the Lame Cherry, thee only exclusive in matter anti matter. As I assess the reality, this blog is really the only media source yet which is uncontaminated and providing exact information. That troubles me as I did not sign up for this in being the lone voice in the wilderness, and it bothers me in great sadness that there is nothing else available but this blog, and when it ceases, no one else true is going to fill in the void.

Russian option should be to arm disgruntled Latino and Muslim elements in exporting to America in Obama's open borders for activation, utilizing Mideast proxies to blame.

I have to go now to make the earth weep for my absolution.