Friday, June 26, 2015



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I have great sadness in the coming Judgment upon Americans in their sodomy which has now become a national sin. Yes there is a difference between personal sin, and regime ordered sin in teaching the people to sin.

Homosexuality is an abomination to God, as it is a violation of nature. Societal Laws are in place to reproduce the people and to create a safe environment to reproduce the next generation so their gene pool survives.

My sadness is what I know is coming, and what I warned all of you which this is about. This is about legalized child rape as the next phase in this. The cartel has in Mockingbird been preparing you for this, and soon enough this will  become emancipated children to express love with adults AKA pedophilia legalized.

All societies when they reach the point of established homosexuality appear on the histories as self genocide. You do not understand that in clinical tests, rats when overpopulated became homosexual. This is what takes place in nature when over population occurs and the beast within does not stop the carnal nature, and sodomy is what the deviant weak succumb to.

Every time, whether it is cats or Rome overthrowing Greece or Rome being overthrown by  the Germanic hordes, whenever deviancy abounds, a more martial strain not involved in anal sex wipes out the deviant. It is not going to matter when it comes to drones or advanced weapons protecting the United States. Crumbling comes from within, and there will only be too many millions who will now not support propping up this sodomite nation at enmity with God.

This is all that comforts me, in the anguish of knowing that new rapists will appear on an invasion scale. America no longer has a government. It is a cartel dictatorship using the courts and laws of the land against the people, to make the people a prey. The dolt will not see this, as they are conditioned in their equal signs in this push for national destruction of a part of God's Israelite nation, but history will prove this correct and God will Judge Americans as this has now taken on Manasseh national sin status.

If people rose up to revolt over this, they would be murdered by the Police State and will be made a prey by these deviant predators. It is a sad thing to have a moral nation become immoral as this Obamanation is.

Read George Washington's Prophecy for America. That is what is coming and all of you richtards gold and cash is not going to save you.

Judgment is now set. America has joined Rome and Sodom for destruction.

PS: The crusty twatties and butt boys do not like this post it keeps timing out on blogger. How much longer will this source be allowed to speak the Truth eh.

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