Friday, June 26, 2015

The Dead Reagans of Sodom

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I know that the moral children of you are in anguish over the onslaught you have faced this week in the South Carolina wag the Afroid, the Confederate Flag, the Obamacare rewrite by traitor John Roberts of the Supreme Court and the abomination of sodomy now the law of genocide in America.

What you have to come to terms with in your emotions and mind is the reality of this, and that is are you going to fight over this or not?

I explain by this the reality of if you are triggered like Dylan Roof, you are going to assist the measures coming to rape your children in legalized pedophilia. Sulu on Star Trek says the queers are going after religious rights next. So know that the regime is just waiting for someone to act out, and you are on lists, and you are going to be criminalized as now an enemy of the state, and not just a homophobe, as this is THE MANDATE OF THE LAND, as certain as when Abraham Lincoln destroyed States Rights and then stole all of those slave owner's property.

Now is Lincoln such a great man to you, that you are on the receiving end of  being labeled and enemy of the state for simply doing what you ALWAYS HAVE BEEN DOING in being moral?

So if you decide to fight, what are you going to do? I can tell you that if you gather in groups, the cartel already has BATFE minders ready to implicate you in terror actions like the Hutatree Set Up or Homo Hannity's Tea Party prowlers. You have to get this, that this is organized warfare against your morality, as morality makes these sexual deviants furious, and as they are too cowardly to come lop of your head, they will instead torment you and have the Police State murder you legally.

So you want to fight......are you going to get off your ass and do what it takes like the Founders in 1776 AD in the year of the Lord, meaning create Committees of Conscience to assemble to state your grievances and record who is a traitor to America, knowing you will be an enemy of the state and will be put into some horrid prison with black and latin rapists to terrorize you?
Are you ready to give what it takes in what the Founders said in Life, Liberty and all their property? I can tell you that the majority of your sunshine patriots and easy chair christians have not stepped up to do a blessed thing for this blog, so I know what worthless caste you are and how all you are is noise, and the cartel knows what frauds and cowards you are too, because you took the Wall Street bribes and Rush Limbaugh and Homo Hannity is your minder, telling you to give up, or talk liberals to death again.

No this is not something that debate is going to fix, and you have to get that through your heads, and what each of you has got to get through your lackluster souls is, it is going to take a fight to settle this, with real arms, and all of the fun toys are in the domain of the regime in drones and Star Wars, along with their multi million armed federal employee armed force of workers, armed with over a billion bullets as they are bad shots in turning your corpse into swiss cheese.

Do you really have the muster to gather together, to become branded enemies of the state, to form bodies independent of the regime, and to make inroads to the very groups of Homeland, Pentagon and Police, to turn them to be on your side, along with the politicians who are all in power, because the cartel owns them, and are going to stab you in the back like all the Boehnerites and Obamites just did.

Are you really ready for a Revolution? Have you come to the terms that this not about big talk posted online, but the stuff of Hitler brown shirts where you are going to have to beat down to shut up the people who are making you an enemy of the state?
Are you going to be American in tarring and feathering Torries, burning down their houses, and implementing the same tactics the British did or FDR did against Japanese and German Americans in World War II?

Is the sight of blood, broken bones, weeping people, suffering people, dead people, going to be too far for you? Well children, you are not even close to ready for a real fight against what is out there in the cartel, as they have no problems murdering Andrew Breitbart to protect their Obama regime, but you are going to whine and wince about tactics like the Hitler Brown Shirts or the American Tarbabies unleashed.

You forget Sam Adams and his Patriots screaming at British Soldiers to FIRE, and when they would not, screaming it themselves and throwing bricks at those Soldiers to start the murder of their own. Yes this is the foundation of America, in your Patriots, in they over one tax on tea, were ready to sacrafice their own, and all they had....and they did it. You though are a far different lot of cowed and cloistered children, as it is not in you to prepare as you are too lazy, and when you are pushed to it, you will be too upstanding to bash someone in the face, and when they murder you, then you will decide it is time to do something.......yes MAYBE THEN YOU WILL FIGURE OUT WHAT THE LAME CHERRY WAS TELLING YOU IN THEY LET YOU KEEP YOUR DAMNED GUNS TO MAKE YOU THINK YOU WERE ARMED..........yeah you fight that Star Wars satellite 100 miles up in space with your AR 15 and you take on that mosquito drone with Serin injection warfare you ignorant political bastards, and see how well armed you are.

None of you are prepared for what it will take, and none of you are willing to do the work it will require to take by force the country which has been stolen from you.

So this is your alternative, you will sit there and become enemies of the state. Your children will be raped by the regime, just like the Roman legions raped the English, French, Germans, Arabs and whatever else was under their property list, as that is what you are is property. You just sit there and take it all as you are exposed in being a fraud, a coward, a sloven and all you have is a big mouth showing to the cartel you are all bark like all of you with no bite, unless it is some trigger they activate to blow away some Afroids who are too off the plantation in gaining political power.
You take your slavery, watch the rape of your children and you come to terms with you are going to die, as that is what this is all about, in exterminating Americans. I warned you Birther Hussein was put into the White House to Abort America and by that false messiah image, it has accomplished just that with the traitor John Roberts sucking from his knees.

No you are not going to get pretty "This is the time which tries men's souls" poetry and prose, as there is nothing pretty about this. This is about the genocide of Americans and their being conditioned to take it.

Revolution and Resistance is something which requires work, sacrifice and patience. The cartel knows none of you have it in you to do it, and the cartel knows that each of you will shrug this off, and forget about it, as you focus on how your slavery will allow you to keep your DishTV and how to protect your Wall Street bribes.

So that is the reality. You richtards are not going to donate here as you have not, as you have shown what is important to you. You poor children, just prepare to suffer quietly as you Silent Running try to exist in dual lives now and not make too much noise so you end up in a prison cell getting raped by the Obama hordes to teach you a lesson.
You are going to die. It is going to be a horrid death for you, but most of you have been getting killed off for a generation and have not even figured that out. You just keep taking it and turning more sodom, as you are managed dead for a profit.

The culls will be removed, and when the entire structure crumbles, then the survivors might have a chance as they will have enough Edward Snowdens in places to control WMD's and drones to make things a bit more fair is a revolution does take place, but those survivors are going to have to defeat mind scans of their thoughts, not leave tracks by bragging about what moralists they are, and conclude that they are as worthy of a trillion dollars in their bank account as the elites who stole it.

Do not expect moralists to be involved then. Moralists are weak and have no Ronald Reagan fortitude to name an Evil Empire and make it stick, because Ronald Reagan was a moral Gentleman.

Just visit a slaughter room at the zoo, so you recognize what you are in the food for the predators who will dine on you, as they like cracking your bones.  An idiot panics at such a thing, but a martyr understands that one does not fight a lion as a mouse.

You are now in the American Gulag. Take a look at the pictures of what awaits you in the Soviet Iron Curtain, in how those people survived. You are not going to live, as you are not living now, but existing. You will if you live by prostituting yourself and becoming an image of the state, survive, like someone assaulted in rape.

Protest will get you nothing, but named an enemy of the state, and if you peep one word about  fighting back, you will be made an example of in being murdered or put on a Roof show trial, in which you do not recognize yourself. The cartel has each of you psychologically analyzed, some of you are already on lists to trigger, and most of you are on the leg of lamb list in how you will service the regime.

So that is your reality. You are too overwhelmed by the system by design and you will not fight back, so stop wasting energy in whining about your emotions or poor America. I told you America was DEAD years ago, but you fools kept deceiving yourselves. You have a reality now of being in a land where the regime murders children and has just destroyed the framework to promote society in normal marriage. You will soon have the regime raping your children and you made a criminal if you try to stop it. I warned you all that this was coming, and this week was the major step to the last phase.

America was founded by colonies whose mandate was Christian morals in which sodomy was an abomination. It is a reality now that those who abide by Christian morals are enemies of the state in sinners and sin are promoted and protected by the police state with deadly force, as each law enforcement officer shrugs like the Nazi and KGB thug in, "I was just doing my job".

Just accept you and your children are going to be abused and raped, and then you are going to be killed like a chicken for Sarah Palin's fillet. She is not going to pledge a dime, no more than any of you have, in she will protect her 30 pieces of silver, until the day it is your turn to be worked to death in a concentration camp.
So just accept you are a sheep and not a wolf. That is hard for all of you in denial, but you never stood up before and you believed all the lies like I did from your political party, and now it is a time when nothing can be done about it as the state apparatus is too large, and you are too small.

Once you accept it, then you can stop deluding yourselves, and figure out some way in prayer how God is going to save you or fire and brimstone you at Sodom. Sure some of you liked the idea of being martyrs, but now it just does not have the same glamor when you jumped out of the boat with Peter to walk on the water.

Start with the reality that you are a loud mouthed coward protecting your 30 pieces of silver, and maybe in being honest for the first time in your life you might be honest with yourselves.

I have assessed this every angle in the strategy. There is not a way to stop this. You can not talk it to death. You can not vote it to your position and you can not find justice in the courts. You can not fight this alone. If you organize, you will be targeted like the Founders as traitors for death by the state. If you fight, this regime is going to turn all their murderous inventions to slaughter millions of you. Fighting means your actually killing people in conflict, which is traumatic, when the state is branding you a murderer and using all means necessary to exterminate you.

So accept what you are and your outcome. The survivors will keep a record of this, and after being brutalized will not have hesitation for a time when Jael is welcomed and praised. That will be the time to settle accounts, as it is not now.

"This is the festering summer of the rotting of the American corpse, to fill the nostrils with the stench of immorality, as all bend on knee before the image of Obama and the idols of their 30 pieces of silver they worship, as when death is all there is to breath, why gasp for life in delusions that putrid flesh is the sweet scent of liberty."

- Lame Cherry

Perhaps there is a pause for a moment of prose in this after all.